The Moshi SenseCover is different. You have to be different to stand out in the iPhone accessory market. iPhone cases are everywhere. Folio cases while less popular are still pretty popular for their ability to protect the front of the phone but well made folio cases can be hard to find. Especially ones with crazy features like the ability to answer and reject calls without opening up the case.


Moshi SenseCover 2

The front of the Moshi SenseCover is highlighted by three areas. The cut out at the top for the sensors and earpiece, the window for the screen about a third of the way down the screen and the touch sensitive “SensArray” pads that sit about two thirds of the way down the case. The four SensArray pads will pass your touches through the case onto your screen. This allows you to accept and reject calls when you have an incoming caller. The window above it allows you to see who’s calling you and the time and date during other times. It’s hand to keep the phone protected but be able to check the time, which I do about 300,00 times a day. The cut out at the top of the case leaves the sensors and earpiece unprotected so that you’re able to hear when you’re on a call and have the case shut and the proximity sensor will work and turn the screen on and off. If the sensor was covered up, the screen would permanently stay off during calls.

Moshi SenseCover 3

The SenseCover has a magnetic lock that keeps the case closed. A lot of folio cases have no kind securing mechanism to keep folio cases closed. The threat here is that your phone will fall and the case will open up leaving the screen exposed to possible damage. The SensCover can also be used as a stand. The case that cradles the phone swivels out and can keep your phone sitting in landscape mode for easy media viewing. On my case, the phone slides a bit further forward and falls so it takes some breaking in but a good feature none the less.


Moshi SenseCover 4

The SenseCover comes in three colors, Steel Black, Sahara Beige and Pink. The black steel case that I’m reviewing gives the phone a sleek and reserved looked. I like the color and material choices. The SenseCover definitely wouldn’t look out of place in a business setting but also isn’t so formal that you would feel awkward using this day to day as your daily case. The TPU case on the inside is black and the back of the case and front cover are a nice softer black that are complimented well by the silver metal magnetic closure. The inside is lined by a nice soft microfiber lining that is a nice grey that also compliments the rest case.


The SenseCover is another premium product by Moshi. In the past we’ve reviewed several cases and screen protectors from Moshi and every one screams high class accessory. The SenseCover is no different. The magnetic closure of the case is a great touch to an otherwise very good case. A lot of manufactures leave this open and it drives me crazy. I don’t know if many people are going to be answering calls without opening the case but it’s a nice feature to have. There are many times I’ve been in conversation with someone else and gotten a call from someone I don’t want to talk to only to fumble with my phone. Now, I don’t have to.

The SenseCover retails for $44.95 and is available now.

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