I’ve been searching for the perfect solution to protect my iPhone 6 since I got it. Phantom Glass has always struck me as a company that makes premium screen protectors and their tempered glass iPhone 6 screen protector is, spoiler alert, really good. While I did have some issues with their Note 4 version, I did rate it at an 8.8 because I truly did view it as a great product. Read one to find out if the iPhone version can stand up to it’s big brother.

Phantom Glass Bottom


One of the main reasons I choose tempered class screen protectors over the gummy protectors is clarity. What’s the point in protecting the screen if you can’t see through the protector to actually use the phone? That’s why I’ve got clarity so high on my list of priorities. I must say that Phantom Glass delivers here. I notice no difference between have no screen protector and having the Phantom Glass screen protector on it. That’s key. Fingerprints seem easier to get off the protector too which is a +1 in this category.

A big issue with tempered glass screen protectors on phones with rounded edges are halos. The halo effect that a lot of these screen protectors are putting out there is because you can’t get a good seal since the screen is rounded. Most of the protectors I’ve tried or read reviews on have had this issue pretty significantly and since these protectors normally stop exactly where the screen ends, if there’s halo’ing, you’re going to be covering up your screen. Losing any kind of screen real estate is a non-starter. Luckily, I had no halo with Phantom Glass’ screen protector. I don’t know if I’m the exception to the rule or not but I can report perfect coverage here.



Phantom Glass Side View

I don’t necessarily mind a bit of thickness to a tempered glass screen protector. The main objective of a screen protector is, of course, protection so if it can help save a shattered screen, I’m all for a little bulk. While this adds a very small amount of bulkiness to the phone, it definitely does sit on top of it. It’s pretty obvious if you get up close. I don’t necessarily mind this as it adds as  secondary level on the sides and I always have my phone in my hand so it’s something I’m constantly rubbing my fingers on.

I can also report no negative effects on touch sensitivity. Apple is absolutely king here and as a long time user of both Android devices and Apple devices, you can definitely tell when something reduce your screen sensitivity. Touches start to lag and that makes your entire phone feel slow. My only issue is stuff getting stuck to the side of the screen protector. Since phones are constantly in and out of our pockets it’s more a nuisance than anything but it is an issue. I’ve had to wipe away a little bit of dirt a few times in the couple weeks I’ve had it on my phone.

Screen Coverage

Phantom Glass Top

Here is the biggest area of concern I had with this screen protector. The Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus introduced rounded glass to the sides of their phones. It feels absolutely awesome in the hand. It feels very natural when you’re swiping back and forth and completing actions near the side of the screen. This is where the problem lies. You can stick a flat piece of glass on a curved piece of glass and expect to have no issues.

The screen protector simply doesn’t cover the entire front of the phone like previous models. I do believe Phantom Glass has figured out a best case scenario though. The Phantom Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector reaches from the ambient light sensor at the top of the screen, down to around the home button and until the screen starts to bend away on both sides. If you don’t apply it dead on, you may lose the tiniest bit of screen real estate but since it’s glass you can still see through it, it just feels a little weird. These things are machine cut to provide the best coverage possible so if you have shaky hands, ask a friend to apply it for you.


Phantom Glass Touch ID



The Phantom Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector feels like… glass, believe it or not. Exactly as it should. I cannot figure out why these things feel softer than the regular screen. And it’s not even in a bad way. Your fingers don’t drag, the screen sensitivity doesn’t drop it just feels good. Maybe it’s the added thickness to the phone but whatever their voodoo magic is, it’s great. I love using my phone even more with their screen protectors on the. I always baby my phones but I feel I can be just a little bit less careful knowing that the screen is protected by a really quality protector.

Phantom Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector Conclusion

I’ve yet to come accross a prefect solution for screen protectors on the iPhone 6 yet. I’ve heard that some companies may be coming out with protectors that do have rounded edges and I’m interested in checking them out but for right now I’m very comfortable with Phantom Glass’ option here. It provides really good protection on as much of the screen as it possibly can while not being super thick. Just thick enough to protect the screen from breaks is the perfect amount of bulk. If you want a budget option, they are certainly out there but if you’re serious about your protection, I definitely suggest the Phantom Glass Tempered Glass Screen Protector.

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