The market for iPhone accessories is brutal. There are many formulas to make your product a winner but the segment is so crowded that it’s possible to be drowned out by the thousands of others putting out their cases, wraps, screen protectors and cables. The Adopted Saddle Leather Case is absolutely a winner. Combining real leather with decent protection and some interesting material choices, this is easily one of the best cases I’ve ever had on a phone.


This is one of the biggest wins for the Adopted Saddle Leather case. The leather that coats the phone is absolutely awesome. I don’t ever want to put the phone down. I actually seem to look at my smartwatch less because my phone is always in my hand. The leather is slick and smooth but has a texture that feels like a premium product.

You might think that the leather feeling a bit smooth would make the phone difficult to hold but you’d be wrong. This case makes it easier to grip the phone. The slickness of a naked iPhone 6 has been well documented by this point and this case addresses that issue excellently. Another win here is how sleek the case is. It adds almost no bulk to the phone and that is huge for me. I love how sexy and slim phones are becoming and it’s hard to keep my phones covered up after that first week or so of feeling it with no case and all the excellent industrial design. The only negative I have here are the shiny parts are a plastic and not metal. I’d have like to seen a little more premium material at this price point.


Again, an absolute winner here. This looks premium in every way. The plastic I mentioned above looks much better than it feels. It looks like chrome and has a nice shine to it. The best way I think I can describe this case is that it wouldn’t be out of place in a business meeting. I could very easily see very business professional individuals choosing to protect their phone with this case. The leather looks premium to the eye (and feels that way to the touch). I’m wondering how the leather will wear on the Adopted case. If it’s anything like the Moto X 2014’s leather back, it’ll get better as time goes on.

Our only negatives here are two extremely small ones. Extremely small because there is an extremely small gap between the leather and the plastic in one small area on mine. I don’t know if it’s just my case or if it’s a widespread issue but it would be easy to overlook it if you aren’t actively searching for faults. Scratches are also a small issue. This thing will scratch pretty easy but because of the material and color, you won’t be able to see them very well. Again, not a huge issue but if you want your case to look perfect at all times, this may not be the one for you. If you like the look of worn leather, this will be right up your alley.

Coverage And Protection

The team at Adopted seems to have followed Apple’s lead when they designed their leather case. the cutouts are much the same with full cutouts for the power button, volume rocker and mute switch along with no coverage on the top and bottom to leave ports completely exposed. When I first got my Apple leather case I absolutely hated how the designed it but it grew on me and I have to say I really like the cutouts for the Adopted case. The Adopted case isn’t too thick to where it’s hard to find your buttons and it’s not too small to where you run your fingers over top them without realizing it. Leaving the top and bottom open is also an excellent choice here.

We’ve had issues with other accessories we’ve review covering up the charging ports making it really difficult to get a secure connection. There’s no issue with that here. Another thing I like here is that the Adopted comes up to the level of the screen but doesn’t go over it really at all. With the rounded glass on the iPhone 6 and swiping gestures becoming more prevalent, it’s important to not impede those. Somehow Adopted were able to get this case really slim while still providing a good amount of protection. The lack of bulk makes one handed operation a breeze. I think based on how this cradles the phone it’ll help protect it from falls except for face down falls.


The tough thing in reviews like this is trying to predict the future. I don’t how the leather is going to age. I think it’s going to look great months after use. I don’t know how well it’s going to protect your phone under repeated drops. But I think if you’re not dropping it face down, you’re going to be good to. I don’t know if the leather will separate any more from the plastic. But I think it’s a minor issue and won’t cause any long term issues.

Adopted Saddle Leather Case Conclusion

My main focus when reviewing a product is either “Would I buy this with my own money again?”. With this case, absolutely yes. The excellent blend of sophistication and protection this adds to your phone is some of the best in class. You have 100% functionality of your phone with good looks and great feel in the hand. If I had one gripe it would probably be how easy it scratches. I understand it’s leather but one little press with my thumb nail and I have a mark that’s never going away. I think it’ll hold up well over time with scratches and worn leather looks great so I’m not too worried about the long term impact. If you’re looking for a great looking minimal case, you should definitely head out to Best Buy and pick one of these up.

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