Rarely do products come along that make me stop and stare but I’ve found one that I really love. When Cover-Up asked us if we’d be interested in doing a review of the #WoodBack case I was a bit skeptical. Many companies have tried to do wood cases for phones with mixed results. Covers like the Toast Wrap I reviewed ages ago for the iPhone 6 feel great but putting adhesive on my phone doesn’t sit well with me. Others like Carved – who our Kael Kanczuzewski took a tour of go the hand crafted route and come at a premium cost for a premium product.

Cover-Up struck me as a company that tried to strike a happy medium of the two. A case but one that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg (more on that later) that features real wood in a variety of designs and grains. Today we’re taking a look at two such cases, one in Cedar and one in Carpathian Elm Burl.


CoverUp #WoodBack Case

Cover-Up isn’t a huge company. The company consists of just six people and a dog! The company’s director founded the company in 2009 in South Wales in the UK after not being able to find a suitable case for his Kindle! Since then they’ve grown and they make cases for every iPhone since the iPhone 4, 7 iPad models, 2 MacBook Air models, and 8 different Android phones.

Cover-Up recently announced that they’ll be releasing a new line of Felt sleeves so be on the look out for those as well.


CoverUp #WoodBack Case

The wood of your choice sits on the back of a polycarbonate shell that cradles your phone with cut outs for your camera, volume and power buttons and an open top and bottom. They’re lightweight enough to not get in your way while using your phone but offer a little protection. I’d feel comfortable about the #WoodBack case keeping my phone scratch free but it may not be the perfect case for a clumsy person who drops their phone a lot. The big advantage to having a thinner case like this is that phones with wireless charging, like the Galaxy S6 are still able to do so.

The wood on the back is excellent. The wood is sustainable sourced and feels amazing to the touch. You can actually feel the knots in the case with your fingernail. It’s smooth to the touch so it won’t catch on anything or pick up dirt but it’s definitely got real knots.

And it’s beautiful. With plenty of detail, this case will definitely be a conversation piece. The two I have here are very dynamic with their patterns. Not only that, but if you want to put your logo on the back of the case, they can do that too. You have to be careful with what wood you choose to make sure it’ll show up in a distinctive manner but they custom TechDissected iPhone cases we were sent are fabulous.


We’re teaming up with our friends over at Cover-Up to giveaway three cases Galaxy S6 cases! And don’t worry, those of you who don’t win are still going to get something. Everyone who enters but doesn’t win a free case will receive a 20% off coupon for a Galaxy S6 case of your choice.

Keep your eyes peeled to TechDissected.com and our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages for more details. The contest will start on Monday, July 6th and run through Monday, July 13th. The 20% off codes will be valid through the end of July so you’ll have plenty of time to place your order!

Product Page: Cover-Up #WoodBack Cases

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