Back in May, Zuckerim launched it’s Gekkopod campaign on kickstarter. In just 12 hours, they reached the initial goal of $15,001 (~ €13,200) and went on to gross a massive $98,549 (~ €87,000) from 2,769 backers by the end of the campaign. So in an increasingly saturated market of dual smartphone/camera accessories, what does the Gekkopod bring to the table?

The Gekkopod’s Build

Gekkopod Mounts

It isn’t very difficult to infer what inspired the Gekkopod. Named and modelled after a genus of Southeast Asian reptiles, the Gekkopod is both colourful and adaptable. The five legged stand measures at 17.8 x 17.8 cm (7 x 7 in) and can support device weights of up to 625 g (1.4 lbs). The device itself weighs a measly 45 g (without a mount). The combination of a light weight, small size and incredible flexibility means that it is very easy to carry the Gekkopod with you. 

The reptilian look-alike has a rubberised exterior which gives it a soft and pleasant touch to it. Four of the five feet also have non-slip dots, which aide the Gekkopod’s grip. The pentapod’s legs can be twisted and bent into contortions of your choice, with a resistance that is enough to keep your device firmly in place but not so much that it is difficult to re-shape when you’re done. Furthermore, the leg’s did not appear or show any signs of weakening after several bends and contortions. According to Zuckerim, “because it is so flexible you almost never bend it in the same exact place over and over again!” Further tests by the manufacturer reconfirmed the ability of the Gekkopod to withstand intensive use. “In addition when we tried to bend it in a specific place many times in order to test it, it took over 200 bends in the same exact place very quickly heating up that specific area eventually causing a break, but it will never happen unintentionally.”

The Gekkopod is most useful in conjunction with a mount. Zuckerim have a range of three different mounts designed for your smartphone, GoPro and camera. The mounts can either be screwed on through the centre of the pod, or through an opening in one of it’s 5 legs, depending on the use you have planned for it. During our review, we had the opportunity to test the adaptable smartphone mount. The mount was easy to attach and loading your smartphone onto it was also relatively easy. The mount’s grip is very firm, so you won’t have to worry about dropping your phone anytime soon. Unloading was a bit more difficult however, with the firm grip requiring some effort to overpower.


Gekkopod Backpack

Back in August, we took a look at the Joby Gorillapod Hybrid, which can bend and twist into a variety of conformations like the Gekkopod. Although similar, the Gekkopod goes about things differently. It’s smaller and lighter size make the Gekkopod much easier to transport. It isn’t designed to handle large DSLRs and equipment of the sort. Rather, it is a cheap accessory for your smartphone, point-&-shoot or action camera. By acting as a tripod that can wrap around virtually any material whose width isn’t greater than the dimensions of its legs, the Gekkopod can allow you to take amazing shots at a host of different point of views.

The guys at Zuckerim have done an excellent job of highlighting just how many different uses there are for the Gekkopod. You can wrap it around your bike’s handlebar, your car’s rearview mirror or even your backpack. The fact that the pentapod is waterproof, also means that you can take it with you underwater. Interestingly, the campaign highlighted its use by wrapping it around a tree branch to create a primitive underwater selfie-stick. Personally, I’ve found the device an excellent desk stand for my smartphone and it’s become an accessory I carry around with me everyday. The applications that the Gekkopod can meet, appear to be largely limited by your imagination.

So What Else?

Gekkopod Bike

You can buy the Gekkopod online from the product website. Prices vary according to the colour of your Gekkopod: the purple, green and black Gekkopods cost $14.90(~€13) whilst the Camouflage and Glow versions cost $18.90 (~€16.50). If you choose to buy any of the 3 mounts made available by Zuckerim, each one will set you back a humble $5 (€4.40), with a 6.67% discount on the mounts if you choose to buy all three along with your Gekkopod. What’s your take on the Gekkopod? Were you a backer of the campaign? Do you think the Gekkopod achieves what it promises? Drop us a line below and let us know what you think!

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