Leather phone cases are generally a really premium segment of the phone accessory market and Adopted NYC’s Leather Folio Case sits neatly in this category. When evaluating cases I always look at a few specific areas to determine if I should recommend them and even though I don’t personally like folio cases, Adopted’s folio case does pretty well in all categories. Read on for our full review.

Look And Feel

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The first thing you’ll notice about Adopted’s Folio Case is it’s premium looks. The white leather folio case is nicely offset with a gold plastic outlines and white stitching. Inside is a nice strong, black case that cradles your phone and a grey material on the fold over with room for your credit card or ID. This thing looks great right out of the box. The cut outs on the case don’t reveal too much of the phone but are cut out around the buttons to make it easy to use them. My main issue here is how the case is holding up after a few weeks of light use. The inside of the case shows any kind of dirt or stain very easily and the white leather shows dirt in the worst way possible. This case when clean is very professional, when it’s dirty, it looks really bad. Luckily it’s an easy fix but until you clean it up, it’s not going to look great.

In addition to looking great, Adopted’s Folio Case feels great in the hand. The leather feels really premium to the touch and it’s very low profile. Adopted did a great job adding almost no bulk to the phone with this case. Very sleek. While it can feel a bit “slippery” or slick, this case definitely improves the ability to hold the phone. Without any kind of case the iPhone 6 is pretty slippery using round aluminum edges but this case makes it very easy to hold on to. Things can get a bit awkward when you flip the flap that covers the front of the phone around to the back. It does feel a bit bulky in this situation and doesn’t sit in the hand like normal and taking pictures proves to be impossible one handed.


While the Adopted Folio Case does appear to be a fashion first case, you’re definitely not getting shorted in the protection aspect. Providing a hard plastic interior to protect your phone, the leather wrapping the back and outside along with the flap on the front should protect your phone even in cases of face down falls. I still recommend being as careful as possible with your phone due to the fact that there’s no latching device or magnet to hold the case closed. In terms of cut outs, you’re going to get pretty much a mirror of Apple’s official leather case. The top and bottom are left unprotected and there are cut outs for the volume and mute button on the left and the power button on the right along with the camera and flash on the back.


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Long term, I wonder how the leather on this phone will hold up. I don’t think it’s an issue of quality of the leather Adopted has used here, it feels great, but I wonder about it’s looks. I previously stated how the leather is showing dirt pretty easy after light use and this leads me to wonder if this is going to get stained and how it’s going to wear over time. We’ve seen some cases where phones with leather backs like the Moto X 2014 have gotten better with time. I hope this is the case with Adopted’s Leather Folio. I don’t think this will have any issue holding up to falls and such but part of the reason you’d buy this case is for it’s looks.

Adopted Folio Case Conclusion

I really want to love this case. The positives are really positive. I love the feel of the leather, it provides really good protection to falls, the cut outs for the buttons are perfect and you can put an ID or credit card in the slot for easy access. On the other hand, the negatives really bug me. The case doesn’t look great after a little bit of use from how dirty it can get, the front flap has no latching mechanism to keep it close so it constantly is open a little bit instead of laying flat (even with no phone in it) and you can only comfortably get one card into the slot. If you don’t mind some upkeep on your case, this might be the case for you. The combination of classy looks and practical functionality offer a really good value for your money.

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