The Samsung Galaxy S6 is hot off the press and we’re starting to see more accessories being released. Today we have a site favorite, Moshi who has sent over an iVisor Glass screen protector and iGlaze case for us to take a look at. What follows are our first thoughts. In the coming days we’ll release our full review of both products. Stay tuned to the site for not only those reviews but more coverage on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Moshi iVisor Glass

Moshi iVisor Glass and iGlaze

I think it’s safe to say that the iVisor Glass is Moshi’s flagship screen protector. They offer the iVisor in a bubble-proof plastic screen protector as well but the glass version is what we’ll be taking a look at today. The iVisor is a glass screen protector that cover the entire screen of the phone. This is important with the rise of curved glass on smartphones. No, we don’t mean phones like the S6 edge! The glass on flagships like the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 slightly curve at the edges and if you don’t account for that you’ll end up with a screen protector that can’t cover the entire screen which causes some issues.

Moshi iVisor Glass and iGlaze

There are cutouts for the multitasking, home and back buttons along with the speaker and proximity sensor. The part of the iVisor Glass that covers the bezel is colored the same as your phone so it looks seamless. The iVisor is going to add a bit of height to your screen but it’s not much. The home button is almost level with the iVisor. That may sound worse than it is but just remember the home button doesn’t stick up much at all on the S6.

Moshi iVisor Glass and iGlaze

You’ll get no reduction in clarity with the iVisor on. It really is like looking through completely clean glass. Touch sensitive also remains unchanged and the feeling of dragging your fingers across the screen feels as good or better. I recently took a look at the Puregear Anti-Fingerprint plastic screen protector for the S6 and the difference is pretty night and day in the way you feel when using your phone. There is no change in the ability to use the fingerprint read or any other functions due to this being on your phone.

Moshi iGlaze

Moshi iVisor Glass and iGlaze

The iGlaze is Moshi’s minimalistic case. It doesn’t have the hard backing of the iGlaze Armour or show off the design of your phone like the clear snap-on iGlaze XT but it’s a really nice case. The iGlaze is a thermopolyurethane material that’s soft and pliable material that feels like it can cushion the phone in case of a fall. terms of size, it comes just over the screen with the iVisor on it and is even with the protruding camera sensor on the back. On the bottom we have cut outs for the headphone jack, micro usb port and speaker. I’d like this to be a little bit softer to the touch but it’s fine for everyday use.

Moshi iVisor Glass and iGlaze

The back features a nice industrial design that will be attractive to the eye and not out of place in any setting. You can definitely keep this case on even if you’re in a business meeting. There’s not a lot of bulk added to the phone at all. I don’t really like cases that add bulk to the phone I’m using unless it’s a real protection type case. I can see myself using this case as a daily driver. It reminds me a lot of the Caseology TPU case in terms of how little bulk it added to the phone to deliver protection in the process.


Moshi iVisor Glass and iGlaze

At first glance I’m definitely impressed with Moshi’s take on Galaxy S6 protection. Moshi is a company that definitely focusses on design as well as function in their products and it shows in these. Classy and protected is how I feel about my phone now. So, dear reader, tell me what you want to know about this case and screen protector! Leave a message down in the comments and I’ll address them in my full review.

Product Page: Moshi iVisor Glass
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Twitter: Moshi

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