My search for the perfect desktop dock has been a never-ending struggle over the last few months. I’ve been eyeing up two docks primarily, that will grace my desk setup. The first being the FUZ Designs EverDock and the second being the TwelveSouth HiRise.

I had seen the HiRise in person, at a local MicroCenter, and I wasn’t all that impressed. I was concerned about the HiRise being too flimsy and that something would bend or break while interacting with my phone on the stand. I had not seen the EverDock or the EverDock Duo in person before, but I have seen tons of reviews for them on the inter webs, after their successful KickStarter campaign.

EverDock Duo iPhone iPad

When the package arrived from the fine folks at FUZ Designs, I was ecstatic to open it up and get the EverDock Duo set up on my desk. In the package, you have the EverDock Duo itself, a micro-USB cable, a cable adapter to accommodate various cable types, and three Silicone Protectors. The silicone protectors are there to allow you use the EverDock Duo without needing to remove your case of choice.


The EverDock and EverDock Duo are made out of one solid piece of aluminum with carved out channels for the cables and back support for the devices. The bottom consists of micro suction pads which will help keep the EverDock, and your devices, stable while either interacting with the devices, or doing some work at your desk. The combination of a solid aluminum dock, and the micro-suction pads on the bottom, promise to keep the dock firm planted on your desk, while protecting your desk from getting any scratches on the surface.

The Finish

EverDock Duo iPhone

After I happily unpacked my EverDock Duo, I was intrigued by the “finish” that the folks at FUZ Designs decided to use for the EverDock. When you start messing around with the EverDock for the first time, it actually feels more like there isn’t a finish at all. However, when you aren’t touching the dock itself, and you look at the EverDock while it’s on your desk, there’s a little bit of a shine on it, and I’m not sure how the folks over at FUZ Designs managed to pull this off.

Minor “Issues”

While I intend to use this for my iPad Air/Retina iPad Mini and my BRAND SPANKING NEW iPhone 6, the EverDock and the EverDock Duo are not “locked” to just Apple devices. You can also use these with just about any other devices. However, when I plugged up my HTC One M8, since the charger is not directly on the bottom, and instead is off center, the M8 itself is off-centered as well. This isn’t really anything that FUZ Designs can do, but if I were to switch to my M8, or want to dock my M8, I would just use a non-charging dock to do so. Of course, if you don’t have the charging cable inserted into one of the slots on the EverDock Duo, then the M8 would be just fine to use with the EverDock.


EverDock Duo iPad

The only “hiccup” that I have found in my usage of the EverDock Duo is getting while interacting with my devices while they are on the EverDock. If I am trying to see a notification that has popped up on my device, the phone seems like it’s going to slip off the charger, and fall off the EverDock if I swipe the screen too hard. Also it feels like this if push the screen too hard. Not anything that is a major inconvenience, but just something to be conscious of while using your device on the EverDock.


Overall, the EverDock Duo is definitely something I will continue to use no matter what devices I end up owning. With the wide base, and the interchangeable inserts, the EverDock Duo accommodates to every device that I own, and will probably do the same for my future devices. If you’re interested in the EverDock Duo, there are two different color variations, Space Gray and Silver, and is available starting at about $70. If you’re in love with the EverDock Duo, be sure to check out the other options that are available such as the EverDock, and the EverDock Go.

What docks have you been using, or plan to purchase in the future? Do you already have the EverDock? Let us know your thoughts and comments down below.

Website: FUZ Designs EverDock Duo
Website: FUZ Designs

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