When I first saw the UE Megaboom on Unbox Therapy’s YouTube channel I knew instantly I wanted to try one out. On first glance it looks absolutely amazing. Huge sound, good size, awesome accessories and a carrying case on top of the normal high-end bluetooth speaker features like water resistance.

But then I heard the price. $300? Ouch. Can a bluetooth speaker really justify that kind of price? You can do a lot with $300. Is a speaker that expensive, even for the people seeking the high-end of audio, worth it over other options we like around $100-$200.

To be blunt, yeah.

If you have the money to justify something like the UE Megaboom, you really can’t do any better than this. There are other high quality products around this price point but in my opinion, the Megaboom is really the tip-top of the mountain as it comes to portable speakers. First, a word about build quality. It’s absolutely brilliant.

UE Megaboom M Side


This thing is really heavy compared to other speakers, and there’s a really good reason for that. The mesh grill and soft-touch plastic stand up to anything. I stumbled into my desk and it went flying, hard, across my tile floor. It was in the exact same shape as it was before the fall. I really have no doubt you’re going to be able to throw this in a bag and go to the beach and be completely fine. If I’m going to be spending that much money I want something that’s going to stand up long-term and the UE Megaboom definitely will.

UE Megaboom M top

The Megaboom has a grill that goes almost all the way around the outside except for a strip of soft touch plastic that goes down the middle and connects to the top and bottom where soft touch the same soft touch plastic covers the surface. On the body of the speaker there are two oversize plus and minus buttons for your volume control. They’re actually buttons instead of touch sensitive areas so there’s some feedback when you press them which is preferably to me. When you reach max volume the speaker gives a nice loud beep to know you can’t go any further.

On the top of the speaker is simply a power and bluetooth button. The power button is flush with the speaker but it’s big enough to press without issue and lights up white when it’s on. The bluetooth button sticks out a bit but not much and blinks when it goes into pairing mode. On the bottom we find a clip so you can keep this clipped to your backpack for security and two flaps for Aux and power.

UE Megaboom M bottom

The Megaboom charges through an included micro usb cable and wall wart like most electronics today. I’ve had this unit for about 2 weeks with intermittent use and haven’t had to charge it since the day I got it. UE advertises 20 hours of battery life and I’m getting pretty close to that with no issues yet. You won’t have to bother much with the power button on this either. The UE Megaboom will go into a sleep mode after you’re done using it and you can turn it back on with the UE Megaboom app you can download from your phone’s app store. In the app there’s also an EQ, Alarm, More section for stuff like the user manual and “Double Up”.

Double up is a pretty awesome feature that is showing up in more and more speakers. With the double up feature you can pair a couple of UE speakers at the same time. You can control whether both speakers are playing the same thing or right and left channels. With how loud the Megaboom gets you can definitely provide music to a large outdoor event with zero problem.

UE Megaboom M Buttons

And that brings us to how does it sound. This was actually the easiest part of the review. I’ve reviewed a few audio accessories in the past year and there are some that are just fine and there are others that make you want to listen to more music. Speakers and headphones that make music fun. Not just background noise to listen to while writing or browsing but something you sit up and pay attention to even though it’s a song you’ve heard a million times.

The UE Megaboom makes music amazing. It’s simply the loudest, highest quality bluetooth speaker I’ve ever heard.

The biggest problem I’ve had with the dozen or so bluetooth speakers I’ve had experience with is bass. You can tell by the size and bulk of this thing that they were going for something that can deliver on the low-end and they nailed it. I’ve never heard a bluetooth speaker with as much punch in the lows as this. And they did a great job because the lows don’t muddle the mids at all. There’s a good bass punch but it’s not over the top in an effort to be Beats.

UE Megaboom M front

Listening to spoken word or acoustic is just as pleasing as pop-punk, classical or electronic. In fact, electronic sounds amazing on this. The highs are maybe not as clear as they could be but they don’t peak at all and sound pleasing.

The UE Megaboom is the most pleasing bluetooth speaker I’ve ever used. I love that it’s IPX7 rated so I can take it to the pool or the beach and not have to worry about a watery death and the cylinder profile means everyone around us can hear it. I don’t have to worry about listening angles at all. There’s an advertised 100 foot range and I think that’s undershooting it. I live in a house that’s very open but the walls are about as thick as you can get in a house and placing this at one side of the house and my phone on the other side of a few walls and a few hundred feet away I had no issues.

If you can afford it, buy this speaker.

Product Link: UE Megaboom Speaker

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