VINCI Smart Hearable headphones is a wireless and hands-free smart music player that can react to user body and consciousness dynamics with different kinds of music. With a built-in proximity sensor, the device automatically plays the music when user puts it on. It has a touch panel that responds to gestures like tapping and sliding, and a voice interaction system that allows users to guide the device with simple commands.

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VINCI convinced me right out of the box with it’s beautiful design and bright color since I chose to get yellow VINCI’s. The user has the choice between many different and vibrant colors. The headphones have a modern, square look that includes a touch screen just like the ones we all have on our mobile devices. The one thing I noticed right from the start is that the VINCI’s don’t come with any kind of carrying pouch or anything similar. Due to the materials used, this would be a fantastic thing to include to keep these from being scratched and possibly broken.

Use Of Product

Ease of use was a bit tricky to be honest. Setting the VINCI’s up was the easy part. You just turn them on, select what music source you wish to use(I chose to use Spotify as that’s what I use on a daily basis) and then simply begin listening to music. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to get everything setup, and that included VINCI having to do a quick update.

Once logged in and ready to go, music was there and ready to play. Unfortunately this is where I was truly let down by VINCI. While I could listen to music I couldn’t really listen to what I wanted to within Spotify itself. Meaning, I couldn’t figure out how to select my custom play lists and play music from those play lists.

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I could listen to music added to my library, but unfortunately I don’t have music added to my library as I have them all separated into various playlists for a reason such as the mood I’m in and what I want to hear at the moment.

If this feature were to be added at some point, this would make VINCI my go to headphones during specific times as I’d love to use them and be able to block out the rest of the world and hear the music I want to hear.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the VINCI’s are really good. They aren’t the best, but definitely far from the worst. As mentioned above, when wearing the VINCI’s you definitely don’t hear much around you other than the music itself and that’s important. So to have these on a commute to/from work, on a plane or something like that these are very handy and useful. And you don’t even have to turn up the volume very loud to accomplish this.

The quality of sounds such as highs and lows are very good too. Everything sounds crystal clear. The one thing that some might not like is the lack of bass. VINCI’s definitely have some bass and to me it’s a good amount of bass. But for some people they prefer more bass and unfortunately VINCI’s don’t deliver in that department. Not a deal breaker for me personally as they sound really good for my every day use so I won’t take off any points in this department.

Comfort And Fit

There are really no complaints in this department. The VINCI’s simply fit and they do so comfortably and this is surprising since they do have a square design as most square styled headphones I’ve tried in the past don’t feel good at all. The foam padding is amazing and the VINCI’s are adjustable for even more comfort since we all have a different size head.

As stated above, they block out most all noises around you and I didn’t expect that with this style of design but VINCI has really proven that they are focused on design and that they want to do it correctly.

Music Choices

The choice of music that VINCI picked for me wasn’t all that great. Thankfully it’s not today’s rap music or anything like that, but it’s stuff that I’m not familiar with and in a lot of cases have no interest in. While I do listen to a little bit of every genre of music, the VINCI’s just didn’t pick things that I’d like to listen to on a regular basis. This made it difficult to use this feature and I much preferred to just listen to my own songs that I had in my library, which wasn’t much as mentioned above.

Touchscreen Controls

The controls on the touchscreen were decent, but not great and could definitely use some improvement. I had some issue with trying to change tracks, especially when trying to go back to a previous track. The volume up and down worked pretty much flawlessly most of the time.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m pretty pleased with the VINVI hearable headphones. Especially when it comes to design and sound quality and just general use. My only complaint as mentioned above is that I can’t seem to listen to my own playlists which is a big downfall for me personally. This might be ok with others so not necessarily an instant deal breaker for everyone.

I love the sound interaction and the touchscreen interaction and the overall build and look of these headphones. For the price of $199 it’s hard to beat something so good in that price range.

VINCI Smart Hearable Headphones


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use






Battery Life


Screen Display



  • Beautiful Product
  • Large Touch Screen
  • Bright Touch Screen


  • They Don't Fold
  • Battery Life Isn't Great
  • Spotify Issues
  • No Bluetooth(Coming Soon)
  • Design Seems Flimsy

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