A smartphone maker making earphones is hardly something new. Xiaomi made it famous with the Piston earphones, but even they weren’t the first! Meizu, Oppo and Vivo all had earphones on the market before them. So far it has only been the bigger brands that have released earphones, so UMi are the first mid size phone maker to get in on the action. Today we take a look at the UMi Voix in-ear earphones and give you all the details about them and if they are worth purchasing.

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Packaging And What’s In The Box

The Voix come in a simple metal tin with a red “Voix” logo stamped into the front of the tin and the specifications for the earphones are listed on the backside of the metal tin. Packaging isn’t all that big which is nice as it means you can take it with you most anywhere and it easily fits in your tech bag, purse or even your jeans pocket. By doing so, you can keep the product protected instead of laying loosely in that bag or purse.

The UMi Voix earphones themselves of course comes within the metal tin and they are held inside by a foam insert to keep them from moving all around. Also within the metal tin is a small ziploc bag which contains 4 additional silicone tips, giving you a total of 6 silicone tips ranging in size from small to large. Other than, there’s nothing more within the metal tin, but honestly, that’s all you really need.

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Product Design

The design of the UMi Voix is very unique and I would say “retro space age”. My first thoughts were of the end of a jet engine or tip of a rocket, while holding the earphone up it even looks a little like a classic UFO flying saucer. The “retro space age” look is brought in to the 21st century with a smoke grey chrome finish, red highlights and a flat black cable.

Compared to some earphones the body of the UMi Voix is on the large side and if you have smaller ear lobes you might have a bit of struggle to get the positioning just right. Once you get used to them though you easily sit the UMi Voix in place with the drivers directing down to your eardrums.

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Build is of a very good standard. Even getting up close and carefully inspecting the UMi Voix I found no imperfections. The flat anti-tangle cable is protected by rubber as it enters and exits the earphones, remote and 3.5mm plug and should prevent the internal wires snapping when bent or tugged.

The earphones shape and build quality is good as is the 3.5mm headphone jack with gold plating, but the remote in the middle of the cable is a little sub par when compared to the rest. It’s nice to see a multi-function single button on the control, but the plastic body could be of slightly better construction.

Sound Performance

UMi have been working with a number of parties to get the sound of the UMi Voix just right. From Italian DJ’s to engineers in China. UMi have also been getting feedback from early testers to get the sound quality right as they had sent out a bunch of samples to various people prior to release. With a true sound audio curve, helical aluminum sound chamber, 13mm drivers and MPEI diaphragms, the UMi Voix certainly have the goods but how do they sound?

If you’re one who loves to hear bass when your music plays, then the UMi Voix is definitely for you. They have a very strong and distinctive bass sound when playing most any genre of music that even has the least little amount of bass in it. It can be quite powerful at times and to be honest, can some times be a bit too much and take away from the actual high’s and low’s of the song that you’re listening to.

Treble and everything else is far above decent, but not the best that I’ve heard. It’s most often clear and crisp, but at times you can hear a bit of crackling and/or distortion when listening to various types of music. This doesn’t happen all the time or even very often, but it is something that is definitely noticeable.

Final Thoughts

Is the clarity issues enough for me to not recommend the UMi Voix to anyone? Absolutely not. For the price of just $16.99(current price on Amazon) then you definitely can’t go wrong. You get an excellent pair of well built earphones that even have a built-in mic which is handy if you wish to use them to take a phone call while you’re listening to your favorite tunes.

The UMi Voix are highly recommended by myself and they are actually something that I do use on a pretty regular basis and will continue to do so for a while to come. You can grab yourself a pair from the link below and start enjoying a bass filled music listening experience for a cheap price.

UMi Voix Earphones


Design And Form Factor






Audio Input/Output Quality



  • Various Size Silicone Tips
  • Flat, Tangle-Free Cable
  • Lots Of Bass Sound
  • Easy To Carry Packaging


  • Not Always Clear/Crisp Sounds
  • Too Much Bass At Times

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