The Syllable D700 wireless earbuds are clear indicators that it’s never been easier to get rid of that unnecessary wire that physically tethers you to your music. What’s better than wireless audio? With the disappearance of the dreaded headphone cable, your music and podcasts are unencumbered like never before. No more of this “accidentally unplugging your music as you vacuum the house” paradigm. Bluetooth technology moves quality audio to our ear canals by way of radio waves over wires; it’s here to stay.

But in the case of Bluetooth enabled earbuds(versus Bluetooth enabled on the ear or over the ear headphones), still a wire must remain. Minimalist earbuds with wireless capacity need to be attached to one another for many good reasons. If they are connected, it’s easier to power both earbuds from a single battery, and If they are connected, they’re that much harder to lose. But to have them connected means that they are on some level wired in a wireless world. It’s less than elegant.

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The Syllable D700 over the ear Bluetooth headphones that I was sent came in a bright yellow and black style color scheme which are obviously geared towards runners or those in most any type or athletic atmosphere. They wouldn’t look very attractive  over your ear as you sit next to the CEO of the company or something similar. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t worth anything and that you shouldn’t buy them. It’s just something to think about before you purchase them.

For me personally I’m not a big fan of over the ear headphones regardless if they are wireless or not and the Syllable D700’s haven’t changed that in any way unfortunately. The reason being is these just don’t give a snug, tight fit at all like others that I’ve tried over the years. Sure, I’ve had some that are way too tight over the ear but these are way too loose fitting and I constantly feel like they are going to fall off and I’ll end up losing them, stepping on them or something else.

The good thing is that they do come with several ear pieces in different sizes that you can choose from and to me as I’ve mentioned in most all of my earbud/headphone reviews, that’s important to me because I seem to have smaller ear canals than what most people have. Therefore I often need the smallest ear piece that is included.

Sound Quality

There’s not a lot to say within this section except that the sound quality is nowhere near being good or even decent for that matter. There is literally no bass at all in the Syllable D700’s and that’s something that immediately turns me away from any set of earbuds/headphones. Do I want bass that two 15-inch Kicker sub-woofers put out? No, I don’t and I know I’m not going to get that, especially in a wireless earbud/headphone and the Syllable D700’s prove that once again.

Turning the volume up over half way is the wrong thing to do, completely. Luckily they are decently loud, but that’s about it. Turning the volume up over half way is where you start to hear a lot of distortion and the high’s and mid’s sound like complete garbage.

Not only do they sound horrible when turned up, but the battery life basically ceases to exist at that point. On a full charge and straight off the charger I managed to get just short of 2 hours listening time on 3 different occasions when leaving the volume up over half way. Not sure why that happens but it does and that’s totally unacceptable in my opinion. Especially when you’re trying to work out or use them at work or whatever. Charging them every 2 hours just isn’t the thing to want to do with a pair of wireless headphones.

Final Thoughts

Even with the Syllable D700’s priced at $19.99 I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. Then again maybe I would recommend them to someone who is looking for a cheaper pair of headphones for a young child though all you’re doing at that point is subjecting your child to bad music quality and that could be harmful later on in life. So to put it bluntly, I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone and I’d advise you to stay clear of them and go look for something a bit better.

Syllable D700 Over The Ear Headphones


Design And Form Factor


Durability And Comfort




Battery Life


Input Sound Quality





  • Wireless
  • Over The Ear
  • Cheap In Price


  • Not Enough Bass
  • Not A Snug Fit

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