Bluetooth/Wireless speakers are one of my favorite things. Mainly because I love my music and it’s something that’s going around me at all times, regardless of what I’m doing and it’s important that I have a good source for my music. Soul Electronics provided that with their Soul Storm speaker I reviewed several months ago, and today I get to review their new Soul WavePower Wireless speaker.

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  • Weight: 590g
  • Speaker Diameter: 45mm
  • Impedance: 4Ω
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0
  • Battery: 4000mAh Li-ion Polymer(with power bank)
  • Dimensions: 66W x 180H x 66D(mm)
  • Maximum Output Power: 16W
  • Bluetooth Profiles: HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Speaker Diameter: 40mm
  • Frequency Response: 20 – 20KHz
  • Sensitivity: 95dB
  • Bluetooth Range: 33ft
  • Washable/Sweat Resistant: Weather proof in iPx4

About The Soul WavePower

The Soul WavePower isn’t small as in pocket size, but it’s far from huge. But all of that doesn’t matter if it doesn’t produce and have a good sound while listening to it. And I’ll get to that part in a minute, but the one thing I really like about the Soul WavePower is the weight of the speaker overall. It’s got some weight to it, but that’s a good thing since it’s really mean to be a portable speaker so you can put it down anywhere and not worry about rolling off a table or moving around if you have the volume up all the way.

The grills and the overall build of the speaker are very solid and very durable. If it does drop off of a table or out of your hands, you’re not going to have to worry about this thing breaking and having to spend more money on a new speaker.

Soul WavePower Speaker Image 2

Battery Life

Being a portable, wireless, Bluetooth speaker, battery life is of course a very important thing as it is how long you can use the device before it needs a charge. Soul claims that the Soul WavePower will last 12 hours(depending on volume levels) before it needs a full charge. I can’t quite get to 12 hours as I’ve only managed to get just over 10 hours of continuous play time on an average volume level. Still, that’s better than the Soul Storm they sent me a while back, but in all fairness they are really two different speakers in a lot of ways.

Sound Quality

This is the part of the review that you all look forward to and it’s my favorite part to do. Mainly because this means I actually get to use the speaker and listen to my favorite songs or genre of music or favorite band(s). This means I get to turn it up to its loudest and see how it performs, or maybe how it doesn’t perform, and of course just have a good time for a while and give my thoughts.

Soul WavePower Speaker Image 1

So as per usual, I first pulled up my favorite song of all time as I often mention in these reviews, Livin’ On A Prayer by Bon Jovi and gave the Soul WavePower it’s first real test. Everything sounded pretty clean and crisp and while this is indeed older music, the Soul WavePower played it quite beautifully. Once turned up just a little over 3/4th of the way, the speaker still played well and there wasn’t any distortion at this point.

Then came turning on some various other music genre’s such as some Country, Alternative and a couple of others. All in all the Soul WavePower performed very well. With the Country and Alternative there was a bit of distortion when turned all the way up, but as often is the case this is expected. However, that distortion was very minimal and quite a lot less than your cheaper speakers as you do have to remember this is a speaker worth $129.99.

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m very pleased with the Soul WavePower, just as I was with the previous speaker they sent me, the Soul Storm. They seem to make some solid, good sounding, decent battery lasting products that are worth the money they are charging.

As mentioned, the Soul WavePower is priced at $129.99 and I feel for what you’re getting it’s well worth it. It’s a speaker you can have in your bedroom, in the living room for the family, put out at the pool or even take it to work and have it playing in your cubicle. Plus you get something that will last you a good long time due to how durably built the Soul WavePower is.

Soul WavePower Wireless Speaker


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use


Battery Life


Audio Output Quality





  • Durable
  • Well Built
  • Decently Loud
  • Weatherproof


  • Only Comes In One Color
  • Battery Life

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