Soul Electronics have been super good to me over the past year or so allowing me to review several of their products such as the Soul Storm Speaker, Soul WavePower Speaker and their original Soul Run Free Pro Headphones. Today I’m lucky enough to show you a product that won’t be released to the public until Saturday, February 4th when they launch a pre-order campaign on their website. This new product of theirs is their new Soul Run Free Pro HD Bluetooth headphones.

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  • Weight: 15g
  • Dimensions: 19W x 17H x 32D(mm)
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0 + EDR with Apt-X
  • Battery: Li-ion Polymer
  • Operating Keys: Volume Control
  • Driver Type: Balanced Armature
  • Bluetooth Profiles: HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Battery Life: Up to 12 hours talk/music time
  • Frequency Response: 20KHz
  • Bluetooth Range: 33ft


The Soul Run Free Pro HD’s are a newer version from the companies original Run Free Pro headphones that I reviewed this time last year. I gotta say, those were some really decent headphones with very little issues and now Soul has asked me to review this newer model and give some feedback.

Unlike last years model, the Run Free Pro HD’s come in two colors, blue and of course black where as last year they also had a red version which is what I reviewed. This year I have the blue version and I can tell you that they didn’t change too much when it comes to the color layout of the product. They did change the ear pieces to include more blue as well as included blue/white colored flat cables, where a big majority of the stuff on last years model was black where there’s more blue this year. And truth be told, the Run Free Pro HD’s look much better because of these changes.

Once again Soul has made the Run Free Pro HD’s sweat proof as well as weather proof with some nano coating technology that they include over the product itself. This is very important since these are designed for those that enjoy working out and therefore will get quite sweaty. Also remaining the same again this year is the inclusion of flat cables. This seems to be something more and more companies are doing and it’s a very welcome thing for them to do as it keep tangling cords from happening as easy as it would with round cables.

One thing they did add to this years model is that not only are the cables flat as I mentioned above, but they are reflective. This is a super great feature/option to have for these headphones as a lot of people will be using them as they are out running or jogging or even walking in the later hours of the day when the sun isn’t up. This allows oncoming traffic lights to hit them, reflect the light and give those drivers a better chance at knowing someone is there that they need to look out for.

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Comfort And Fit

With the Soul Run Free Pro HD’s, Soul gave us all a bit extra as far as accessories are concerned. Instead of only 3 pairs of eartips like last year, they have given us 4 pair of eartips plus 2 pair of foam eartips. This is very important as we all have different sized ears and as I always mention, I’m usually using the smallest size that is included and with the Run Free Pro HD’s this is absolutely no different.

Last year they gave us three pair of the ear locks which really help hold the headphones into your ears, but this year they only gave us two pair. I think that’s because they felt like two different sizes in ear locks is plenty and it’s rare that you need to offer that many different sizes in something like an ear lock for majority of the users.

Also included is a cable clip which is very important and necessary when it comes to wireless, Bluetooth, workout style headphones. What this does is allow you to clip the two cables together for a tighter fit since these drape around the back of your neck. This allows them to stay in place much better and gives you the comfort of not feeling a loose, dangling cable flapping and moving all around on your neck which can be quite irritating.

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Battery Life

Soul promises that the Soul Run Free Pro HD’s will get up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge. This is up 4 hours from last years model and to be honest, this piqued my curiosity as 12 hours is a good long time for wireless, Bluetooth headphones to last on one charge.

Much to my surprise after several days, or nearly a week to be honest, of using these on a pretty much non-stop basis, I can assure you that once again Soul has delivered on their promise. I get 12 – 12 1/2 hours of music play time nearly every time I use the Run Free Pro HD’s and that’s on a full charge without interruption. Now, that is with the sound just over half way, so turning the volume up of course might make things vary a little. However, most people don’t turn headphones like this up all the way for long periods of time.

Another new feature that Soul added is that the Run Free Pro HD’s have a fast charge option. Soul says that putting them on the charger for only 15 minutes will give you an additional 90 minutes of play time. This is a feature that I haven’t seen in any other headphones that I’ve reviewed and I gotta say, that it’s a great feature to include as so many of us forget to charge our headphones before heading to the gym, out for a hike/walk or whatever.

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Sound Quality

Last year I reported that the Soul Run Free Pro’s had kind of a flat sound quality and was lacking in bass for me personally. I’m not one that loves a lot of bass, but I love headphones that produce enough bass to make them worth listening to and to be able to enjoy the music quality. I was slightly disappointed in last years model, but I can tell you that Soul has definitely made some changes to this years model.

The Run Free Pro HD’s have a much cleaner, crisper sound compared to last years model as I actually put them to a side by side test since I still have mine from that review last year. There is a big time noticeable difference in the amount of bass in the Run Free Pro HD’s compared to the originals that really sets them apart and makes them much more enjoyable to listen to your favorite tunes.

I listened to several genre’s of music including some good ole 80’s music, alternative music and a bit of country music. Overall in the three genre’s I was very satisfied with the quality and I didn’t notice the flatness in this pair like I did in last years. I’m guessing it’s the difference in drivers that Soul chose to use in these compared to last years or something totally different maybe. Regardless, whatever change they made, it was for the better in every way possible in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

I was kind of skeptical when Soul reached out to me asking me to review the Soul Run Free Pro HD’s which seemed at the time to be nothing but an HD added to the end of the name. As often is the case unfortunately, the HD never really makes a difference in so many products. Soul changed that at least with these headphones they sent me as they are miles above what last years model were and last years model wasn’t all that bad in all fairness.

The one downfall to this years new Run Free Pro HD’s is that with the inclusion of that HD in the name, the price has gone up $30 from $99.99 for last years model to $129.99 for this years new model. With that said, it’s more than just an inclusion of HD in the name, as the overall product is definitely worth that extra $30 now in my opinion. Especially if you’re one who works out on a regular basis and really needs a good set of wireless, Bluetooth headphones to use.

While I am reviewing them and making this review public as of February 2nd, 2017, please note as mentioned early on that these actually won’t be available for purchase until Saturday February 4th, 2017. That’s when Soul says they will be doing a pre-order campaign via their site so I’m not sure that you’ll be able to order these elsewhere for a while. You can find out all of that information here: Soul Run Free Pro HD’s.

Soul Run Free Pro HD Headphones


Design And Form Factor


Durability And Comfort




Ease Of Use


Input/Output Quality





  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth
  • Flat Cables
  • Battery Life


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