If you’re intrigued by the Apple Airpods but find them a little goofy looking, and expensive, and too white, then the Rowkin Micro is something that might be of interest to you. Like the Apple version, these are compact individual left and right earbuds that connect via Bluetooth, include a microphone, and come in a compact charging case. Unlike Apple, they do not have the odd protrusion and they are sold in black, only. I previously reviewed the Rowkin Bit wireless earbuds, so let’s see how these compare to their previous product.

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  • Earbud Dimensions: 0.72”(D) x 1.25”(L) (18x32mm)
  • Case Dimensions: 1.46″ x 2.54″ x 0.88″ (37mm x 64.6mm x 22.4mm)
  • Earbud Weight: 0.18 oz (5g)
  • Case Weight: 1.05 oz (29g)
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • Bluetooth Profiles: HFP, HSP, AVRCP, A2DP
  • Audio Enhancements: Noise Reduction, Echo Cancellation
  • Standby Time(Power On): Approximately 27 Hours
  • Standby Time(Power Off): Approximately 120 Hours
  • Music Time: Approximately 12 Hours
  • Talk Time: Approximately 12 Hours
  • Battery Type: Rechargable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
  • Battery Input: 5V/100mA
  • Battery Capacity: 55mAh

About The Rowkin Micro

Truly wireless headphones or earbuds are becoming the popular here thing here as of late. People want these so that they don’t have to deal with the cords getting in the way when they are working out, running or whatever and they don’t have to worry about the cables getting tangled. If that’s what you’re in the market for, then the Rowkin Micro is exactly what you want look into purchasing.

The size of these earbuds are small which for me is perfect. Like their Rowkin Bit that I reviewed a year or so ago, these are very similar except they are upgraded a bit with better Bluetooth pairing, better sound quality and a much better battery life. Or at least that’s what Rowkin says but the question is, is all of that true?

Rowkin Micro Image 1

Two features really worth mentioning is that the Rowkin Micro are sweat proof. This is hugely important for people who are looking for something like these to use while they work out. You’ll have no worries with getting them wet from sweat and messing up as that’s just not going to happen.

The other awesome feature is that Rowkin Micro has Siri and Google Assistant access. One-touch setup makes pairing Micro to your iOS or Android device fast and easy. With one-touch, you can easily access Siri or Google Assistant, too. No need to reach for your phone! The Micro Rowkin earbuds bring stereo sound and clear calls in the world’s smallest earbud.

Charging Case

As soon as I took the Rowkin Micro out of the box I was instantly impressed with the carrying case which doubles as the charger for the earbuds. As you can see by the two images below, there’s a huge difference in size for the case/charger of the Rowkin Bit and the Rowkin Micro. The Micro has a very compact case, very similar to the Apple Airpods which makes it a lot easier to put into your pocket to carry around with you while you commute to work on the bus or train or whatever.

This was the one and only problem I had with the Rowkin Bit when I took them with me to Vegas last year was that while the case isn’t huge, it’s definitely something that fills the pocket. So going to Vegas in February of 2018 if it so works out that way, I’ll be taking the Rowkin Micro with me and feel that I’ll be a lot better off with pocket space.

Battery Life

When I reviewed the Rowkin Bit, wireless earbuds were still relatively new on the market and this was Rowkin’s first journey into said market. They were good for what they were, but where they struggled was when it came to the battery life. The battery only lasted about 2 1/2 hours at the most for me which isn’t good at all as we all know. This is where the Rowkin Micro excels, big time.

Rowkin claims that the Micro will get 12 hours of music playback time. Yes, you read that correctly. They jumped up from 2 1/2 hours to 12 hours, or so they claim on their site. This is a bit misleading as the actual playback time on a single charge of the earbuds is about 3 to 3 1/2 hours. But the charging case allows you to charge the earbuds four times before it needs to be charged, which is where you come up with a possible of 12 hours of playback time. The good thing about this is that to charge the Micro’s it only takes a short period of time, about 60 – 80 minutes. Once they are charged, then it’s back to playing those favorite tunes.

This is definitely a good thing for those of you who would want to take these with you to work or on a long commute or workout or anything similar. You could easily make it through those things without having to worry about a charge and that’s pretty unheard of today with most wireless earbuds.

Rowkin Micro Image 3

Sound Quality

As I always say, this is the most important and most anticipated part of the review when it comes to you, the readers. It’s all about sound quality, even though battery life is indeed important. But if it doesn’t have good sound quality, then what’s the point, right?

Like I always do when it comes to headphones or earbuds, I test with several genres of music to get a bit of all types of sounds coming through the product. I test a bit of alternative and some country as well as some of that pop music that so many of you folks enjoy.

With the Rowkin Micro, the highs are definitely high and the lows are clear and crisp. The bass isn’t tremendous by any means, but it’s definitely something you can hear and enjoy if that’s your thing. Even when turning the volume up all the way, everything still sounds really good. Is it perfect at full volume? No, it’s not. But in all honesty, earbuds aren’t really something that should be kept full volume for more than testing purposes.

Rowkin Micro Image 2

Final Thoughts

For the price of $129.99, I’d say the Rowkin Micro is something definitely worth checking out. To some the price might seem a bit expensive, but for the quality of product you’re going to get along with the awesome battery life and really good sound quality, you’re getting a pair of wireless earbuds that I feel should sell for $200+ all day long. The new and improved and more compact carrying case that of course doubles as a charger is a huge improvement in itself. Makes it much easier to carry these earbuds around and that’s a design that I really hope Rowkin sticks with at all costs.

I’m really curious to see if they come out with another similar product to the Rowkin Micro and if they do, I seriously hope to be able to get my hands on them as I feel they have really hit the nail on the head with this product and it’s going to be quite difficult to improve.

Rowkin Micro Wireless Earbuds


Design And Form Factor




Audio Output Quality


Battery Life





  • Very Small In Size
  • 12 Hour Battery Life
  • Compact Charging Case
  • Allows Pairing Two Devices


  • Only One Color Option

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