The smaller the better has never been truer than when describing Bluetooth headphones and there’s none smaller than the Rowkin Bit. While it’s true that the size is incredible and that the Rowkin Bit has a truly neat charger, they may not be something for everyone who loves wireless earbuds. Bluetooth headsets really seem to have gone out of fashion in the last several years – probably because they are, in fact, not very fashionable. But a device like the Rowkin Bit could change that.

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Charging Case

I want to start by talking about what is probably the coolest feature of the Rowkin Bit and that is the small, cylindrical wireless charger that can easily fit in your pants pocket. The charger has a magnetic end on it, that’s where the earpieces actually connect connect when you need to charge them. But you still need to charge the wireless charger and that does require a short USB cable but as most of us have plenty of these laying around already that won’t be an issue.

Popping the earpiece into the charger is effortless and, to be honest, pretty fun. It zips into place with a satisfying click and gets to charging. It’s a very convenient charging system. I’d say that the charging cylinder is about the length and width of a grown man’s index finger or just slightly bigger. It’s very lightweight and is very easy to carry on your person at most any time.

Charging is completed through plugging the Micro USB into the larger port and an LED will illuminate.  When completed, the LED will extinguish.  I can say through experience that this is accurate.  Additionally, plugging the earbuds into the charger, a red LED will illuminate on each bud that is charging and will extinguish when completed (~1.5 – 2 hours).  It takes approximately 2.5 hours to charge the case as well.


Pairing The Earbuds

To turn on the devices, place them into your ears and press the Rowkin silver button for 4 seconds.  You will hear “Power on” and then “left channel,” “right channel” from each device.  I found that you can turn on a single device or stereo paired.  The master device is the left device and the slave is the right device.  You can choose to use just 1 device or to simultaneously press the buttons for 6 seconds and turn both on.  One flaw, that I have found so far, is there is no listed L/R on the devices.  You have a 50/50 shot of guessing, and more often than not, I have to switch them around.  Holding both buttons, you will notice pairing within about a 6 – 10 seconds.  The manual notes 10-30, but I never had any more time pass than 10 seconds.  The buttons are incredibly responsive and the pairing is quick.  Navigate to your phone settings, Bluetooth and note “Rowkin Bit S” and select this option.

After the first installation, both buds are paired, you only need to hold the on/off button on each device for 4 seconds and you will hear the same “Power on,” “left channel,” “right channel” again.  This should automatically pair.  While in stereo mode, the left device is the control device.  If you get a phone call, you can press the left button once and answer the call.  Interestingly the microphone is located inside of the left earbud.  The sound is some of the best I have found so far.  It almost sounds like you are using the phone.  There is not that much background noise or wind noise, likely because the device is protected by the helix of your earlobe.

My fiancee really liked my ability to talk to her on hands-free with this device, finding it to be much better than others I have tested previously.  Press the left button again to hang up the call. While in calling mode, there is no sound from the slave device.  As another really cool and useful feature, both headsets can play/pause music while in playback mode.  Again, this is very responsive and works amazingly well. The buttons are multi-touch, double tapping will active the voice control mode/Siri access.

Sound Quality

I always try to test headphones and earbuds with several genre’s of music simply to get various sounds going through them to really be able to test the bass, treble, highs and lows and for any other sounds they might give off. I did nothing different with the Rowkin Bit as I listened to a bit of Country, Alternative and then some music from the 80’s such as some hair bands and what we called new wave music.

When it came to bass, the bass was quite distinctive and didn’t really seem to distort things even if turned all the way up. The bass wasn’t top of the line as with some other headphones/earbuds I’ve tested, but it was far from the worst. Definitely something I’m very pleased with over a big majority of products I’ve tested in the past.

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The highs and lows of the Rowkin Bit are just as clear and crisp as some of your more higher end earbuds. Again, never really had any issues with distortion or crackling noises or anything similar. One thing that the Rowkin Bit does very well is block out the unwanted outside noise. When you have them in your ears, you’re not going to hear much of anything other than whatever is playing through the earbuds themselves and that is a very welcoming thing.

Battery Life

Battery life of the Rowkin Bit is probably the biggest downfall of the product. The best I can do is to get 2.5 hours of use on a single full charge of the earbuds. While that’s not great at all, the good thing is that the charger is small enough to always have with you so it’s just a matter of popping them into the charger and letting them charge for a bit.

On average you can charge the Rowkin Bit earbuds twice with the charger when it’s fully charged itself. After that if you’re still out and about or doing whatever and not near an outlet to charge the Rowkin Bit Charger, then I’m afraid you’re going to be out of luck and will be forced to use something else.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am really impressed with the power from these “Smallest” Wireless Bluetooth earbuds.  I absolutely love the charging method and the idea of the travel charger case.  I am scared that I will lose them as they are very tiny earbuds.  Placing them into your ears, you will not be able to see them.  Do not be shocked if someone thinks you are talking to yourself as these hide very well inside of your ears.  The bass is just above average but not excellent.  The treble is above average to excellent.  The battery life is average, the weight is extremely above average.  The comfort may make up for the sound.  After about 10 minutes of use, I forgot that they were in my ears and I thought I was just listening to the radio.

For the price of $129.99 these are an awesome product. The one downside is if you lose the charger for the Rowkin Bit earbuds then you are out of luck as there is no other way to charge these because there is no micro USB port on either of the earbuds themselves. If that were to happen, I’m not sure how Rowkin would handle it if you contacted them. Hopefully nobody has to worry about that, though unfortunately I’m sure it has or will happen to someone.

Rowkin Bit Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use




Audio Output Quality





  • Very Small
  • Very Comfortable
  • Great Sound


  • Pairing Both Can Be Slightly Tricky
  • Only One Color Choice

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