When I was asked if I’d like to review the Lyrica NB-1001 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones, I was intrigued. I’ve been looking for a good pair of wireless earphones for a while now but I’ve been hesitant to drop any cash on them for a few reasons. First and foremost is because there is so much crap out there it’s genuinely hard to tell the difference between the good stuff and the bad stuff even with the help of reviews. Secondly, some of these can get pretty pricey. Our Nick Schiwy took a crack at reviewing the Jabra ROX, a premium Bluetooth pair of headphones and while they scored very well, $80 is out of my price range.

Lyrica NB-1001 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Enter Lyrica with their Bluetooth wireless earphones. The review unit they graciously sent over comes in a box like almost every other cheapo tech toy you might get from China, Korea, or Japan. I was a bit nervous at first by the packaging but after taking the earphones out and playing with the, I could tell they were a quality product. Made of a hard plastic, I have no doubt they’ll stand up to being throw into a gym bag and bounced around. Some users on Amazon complained of faulty buttons or a bad charging port but those seem to be the exception rather than the rule (and to their credit, Lyrica has offered them a replacement or refund in the comments to their review).

The NB-1001 comes with several replacement ear tips in the box so if your canals are bigger or smaller, you’re in luck. The ones that come on the earphones fit me perfectly and I have to say, they’re very comfortable. They’re a secure, but not uncomfortable fit that I can use for multiple hours. I generally listen to music for hours while at work and I have no ear fatigue with these. Also in the box is a very short charging cable and instruction booklet. The instructions are easy to understand and helped me get set up in no time. It lays out the functions for all the buttons and how many taps or long presses do what.

Lyrica NB-1001 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

As per usual, there is a volume rocker. It’s placed on the right earphone and while it does have a plus and minus raised above the button, it could be a bit higher so it’s easier to tell what you’re doing. Short pressing the volume up or down button will do just that, increase or decrease your volume. A long press on the volume up will return you to the previous track and volume down will take you to the next track. When you use these functions a robotic female voice will let you know you’ve activated the function.

The multi-function button is very aptly named. It controls play and pause (a single tap), cancelling a call, answering a call and ending a call (all are a short press as well) and you also have the ability to reject a call by long pressing the button when your phone is ringing. A double-click of the multi-function button will redial your last number and while you’re in a call you can transfer the call to your phone or from your phone to the headset by holding down the button for two seconds. A double-click will mute your microphone or cancel that mute. It’s a lot for one button but once you get used the controls, it’s pretty easy to operate.

The sound quality is surprisingly pleasing. The highs can be a bit blown out at higher volumes but otherwise pleasing. Mids are pleasing with vocals coming front and center and the bass is pleasant and present but not overpowering. These certainly aren’t beats with their bass heavy sound signature but they’re not totally devoid of bass like other cheap headphones and earphones can be. Listening to vocal tracks, electronic music and audio books are going to highlight what the Lyrica NB-1001 can really bring to the table. I’d describe listening to music on these pleasing to the ear at decent levels. Higher levels get VERY loud (great for outdoor activities like cutting the grass) but the highs can be a little blown out and an uncomfortable.

Lyrica NB-1001 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Overall, I think these are a really good buy. The battery isn’t huge, talk time is rated at 1.5 hours (music much longer) and 150 of standby time and about an hour and a half to charge but it gets the job done pretty well. I’d love to see them rated for water resistance so cleaning them after a workout could be a bit easier but that might be a bit nit-picky for the price point. The earphones can pair to two phones at the same time and callers on the other end said I sounded good and easy to understand although I had to talk a bit louder than normal.

But if I’m going for a run, doing yard work or listening to a ball game or music in bed, I’m grabbing these. The cord that connects them isn’t so long that it’s going to get in the way or bound around too much and it’s flat so it’s non-tangle as well. The audio sounds good they’re cheap with prime shipping. How do you beat that?

Product Page: Lyrica NB-1001 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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  • Nice review. These look like the JayBird headphones but at about a quarter of the price. I ended up returning the Jaybirds because they kept falling out of my ears when I run. How did these hold up?