The Edifier R1850DB speaker system is made up of a pair of bookshelf style speaker units, a small remote control device, a collection of leads and a User Manual covering a selection of European languages. With this speaker system, Edifier has bundled four leads designed for different purposes. By far the longest and thickest lead is that for connecting the two speaker units together. This lead measures an impressive 500 cm. Also included is a 3.5 mm-RCA audio cable with a length of 164 cm, RCA to RCA audio cable measuring 162 cm and a fiber optic input cable offering 144 cm of length.

As usual with audio system of this type, the two speakers cover the role of active and passive units. Apart from the rear of the two units, these speakers are similar in size and appearance. Black in color, the two speakers have dimensions of 154 x 254 x 224 mm (W x H x D). The base of each speaker features a built-in angle incline of 10 degrees to help accurately direct the sound output with dynamic precision.


  • Total Power Output: RMS 16W x2 +19W x2
  • SNR (Singal to Noise Ratio): ≥85dBA
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Input Sensitivity / Impedance: PC:700±50mV, AUX:550±50mV
  • Bass Driver: 4 inch (116mm)
  • Treble Driver: φ19mm silk film
  • Dimensions (each speaker): 6.1in x 8.8in x 10in
  • Active/Passive: Active
  • Remote Control: Yes

The Review

As mentioned the other visible difference between the two speakers is concentrated at the rear of the units. Connection ports and other control option available with this speaker system are to be located on the rear of the two speakers. Most of the available connections and other options are positioned on the rear of the active speaker. Color coded (white and red) line-in input ports are available for AUX and PC connectivity. These are joined by separate ports for optical input, coaxial input and bass output. Also found in this area are the system’s power switch and a permanently attached 158 cm length of power lead. Radio style adjustment knobs are available for treble, bass and master volume with the latter also doubling as a Bluetooth activation facility. In the case of the passive speaker unit, there is just a single connection for linking this unit to its designated partner.

Edifier R1850DB Image 2

With the length of the provided leads, positioning this speaker system on a bookshelf should not be a problem as long as space and a free power plug, in the vicinity, are available. You could then sit back and enjoy your favorite music from a chosen source. Adding to the PC / AUX / Optical / Coaxial input routes, the R1850DB also supports Bluetooth streaming. While the first four methods of connectivity require the insertion of the appropriate lead (s) to receive your listening pleasure, Bluetooth functionality does call for a little extra input on behalf of the user.

The speaker system needs first to be switched to Bluetooth mode. This can be carried out using the supplied remote control unit or by pressing the main volume control knob on the active speaker. A light on the front of the active speaker changes color to indicate the current input mode. This light, which glows green in AUX or PC mode, will emit a blue glow in Bluetooth mode. Neither color was particularly bright. I found I had to look carefully in order to detect it.

Once everything was setup and ready to go, it was time to give the sound quality a test, which is my favorite part and of course the part all of you are interested in the most. As is the case with most every other speaker review I do, I test with various genres of music to get the full spectrum. I’ll fire up some old school 80’s music, a bit old school rap to test the bass quality, then throw in some country, pop and alternative. This allows me to get a full taste of what the speakers can and can’t do.

The first thing I noticed with the Edifier R1850DB’s was that the bass was decent, but not great. It’s there, and it’s noticeable and enjoyable, but for some if not most, it’s not going to be enough. As far as the high’s and low’s and treble, it’s definitely worth the price you pay for these speakers. Everything is clean, crisp and clear and there’s no distortion like you’ll get on some speakers out there that cost around $200 per set.

What I really like about these speakers is how far apart from each other you can place them due to the included leads. This makes for an even better sound experience in my opinion and is something you don’t often get with other speaker sets out there. Even my Bose shelf speakers can’t be placed too far apart and that’s very disappointing and what really makes me appreciate what Edifier has done by providing long cables like they have.

Edifier R1850DB Image 1

Final Thoughts

For around $200 for a set of two speakers, I truly feel you can’t go wrong with the Edifier R1850DB bookshelf speakers. They have really good sound quality and the construction of them makes them very durable which means they should last quite some time.

These are definitely a set of speakers that I would use on a daily basis especially for my computer. If you’re in the market for something reasonably priced then I’d suggest you grab a pair for yourself.

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