1byOne is a dynamic company which has entered the headphones market with a very promising set of wireless in-ear sport earphones, which is something that a lot of people are looking at purchasing with everyone getting on the health kick, working out and stuff like that.

Once you get to hear the sound from 1byone wireless in-ear earphones, you will instantly be impressed with the device’s incredibly high-fidelity performance. It is supported by apt-X HD and 6th generation clear voice capture(CVC) technology that produces crystal clear and crisp audio quality. With regards to their connectivity, the 1ByOne wireless headphones are Bluetooth 4.1, and are also compatible with IOS and Android devices alike.

Moreover, the unit’s earbuds have silicone tips that effectively keep ambient noise out. So, you can focus on clear music, vocals, speech, or whatever sound you want to hear from it. And even if you share the sound or music through your mobile phone, the person on the other end will notice the crisp sound quality of the microphone. And even through constant use over a long period, the quality of its sound will remain consistently excellent.

What’s In The Box

So what’s in the box beside the earphones. You get a selection of ear tips in a small, medium and large option. So you should have no problem to pick the right size. A small carrying bag is provided which feels pretty soft and durable. A microUSB cable to charge the earphones is provided. And last you have a small user manual.

I gotta say the overall presentation of these earphones is quite nice and you can clearly notice that 1ByOne did make an effort in this department.


When looking at the 1byone sports earphones they look quite similar to other sports earphones which are available around the same price range. So it obvious 1byone used a standard design when developing these earphones.

Although this is a Bluetooth earphone, there is still, of course, a small cable that connects the two earbuds to each other. It’s approx. 18 inches long and if this is too long for you, 1byone has conveniently provided a clip on the cable to make it shorter. I have a small head and for me this design works wonders

The cable itself is not round, like most other competitors, but it’s completely flat. Does this make it better? For one thing, this makes the cable feel a little bit stiffer and it will not tangle up. Although would never be an issue with an 18-inch cable. However, I have to say that I prefer the flat cable design. Somehow it makes it feel more durable and premium.

On the right earbud side of the cable, there is a small remote connected that functions as a control panel to pair the earphones, control the volume, take calls and browse music. It’s pretty basic with only 3 buttons, which is not a bad thing as it adds to the simplicity of these earphones.

As with most Bluetooth earphones, they are rechargeable with a micro-USB cable that is plugged into one of the earbuds. One last thing on the design. My pair came in a green/black color option, but there are other color options available. I have to say the green color reminded me to the Mixcder Basso Bluetooth Earphones I reviewed a couple of months ago. You can check that review here: MixCDER Basso Earphones

Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor to know when buying these kinds of earphones. You don’t wanna run out of juice in the middle of your workout or running session, or when you’re on the bus heading home.

1ByOne suggests a battery life of approx. 7 hours for one charge. Now I have to admit that the only time I got 7 hours out of these was when I had the volume turned almost completely down and just let it play. On normal volume levels, the battery held for about 5 hours. Still not bad I think and enough to get through your workout of preference.

A nice feature is that when you have approx. 15 minutes of battery life left, you’ll hear a warning sound, which comes more frequent when battery life goes further down. Certainly useful when making phone calls! A complete recharge of these earphones takes about 2 hours, which is pretty good I think.

1ByOne Wireless Earphones Image 1


The thing you sometimes get with wireless technology is that connectivity is not always reliable. I have Bluetooth devices that are really picky when trying to connect to other devices. And if I connect it, it gives no guarantee it will connect the next time. Luckily I had no problems whatsoever with the 1byone sports earphones. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, the pairing was a breeze and never did the connection broke down.

Sound Quality

Alright so how do these sound? Well, after extended use I can comfortably say that, for this price range, these sound remarkably nice. They are equipped with apt-X HD technology which should provide a better sound quality over Bluetooth.

The overall sound signature is full, rich and balanced. Mids and highs are very clear and pronounced. Above average in this price range. Bass is also nice and textured, but don’t expect any miracles, though. Compared to the quality of the mids & highs, the bass is lacking a bit. Considering these are designed for outdoor activities, they sound good enough. My only complaint with the 1ByOne Wireless Sport Earphones is that they just don’t seem to be loud enough. At least compared to other earphones with the same sound turned up to the same level.

Final Thoughts

For a price of only $42.99 the 1ByOne Wireless Sport Earphones are definitely worth checking out if you like to run, job, workout or anything similar. They won’t break the bank and will give you a good reliable sound while doing what you need and want to do. Throw in the fact that they are indeed wireless, then you won’t have to worry about the cables getting in your way, getting caught on something or just getting tangled.

You can grab yourself a pair of these via the big blue button below and even save yourself a bit of money along the way as the normal retail price of these are around $59.99 each. So grab a pair and tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

1ByOne Wireless Sport Earphones


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use


Audio Output Quality


Audio Input Quality


Battery Life





  • Wireless
  • Sweat Proof
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Multiple Color Choice
  • Apt-X HD


  • Not Quite Loud Enough
  • Battery Life Not Quite Long Enough

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