When you’re hanging out around the house, and want to listen to some music, we all have a few options. You can either plug your device into some speakers, or plug in your headphones, but those options require more cables. Plus, if you’re running around the house while your phone is plugged in, you’ll have to go back to the speaker and check the notification. So that leaves the only option remaining of a Bluetooth speaker.

Today we are checking out the Original Xiaomi Mini Bluetooth Speaker. While this speaker isn’t very large, it does pack a decent punch, and will do the job just fine, with some exceptions. We tested out this Bluetooth speaker inside, outside, and in a car just to see if there was really any difference in performance.


This Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker is pretty small compared to others available on the market today, but combined with the decent battery size, and portability, it’s a good mix for a Bluetooth speaker.

Now the Power button is actually kind of hidden. Looking around the speaker, you’d have to look really closely to find it, but luckily, we’re here to help you spot it. If you look at the bottom of the speaker, there are a few rubber feet. Next to one of these is a printed “Play” indicator, which designates which of the rubber feet acts as the Power button, as well as the Play button. Hold that in, and watch the ring of lights around the edge of the speaker light up, notifying you that the speaker is now powered on.

The other two rubber feet on the bottom are also how you adjust the sound of the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker. Pretty self-explanatory, one is the volume up, while the other is the volume down. This is an interesting take on interacting with your Bluetooth speaker, but one that works considering the smooth design found throughout the speaker.

While we were testing out the speaker in the car, it provided a little bit of a punch, provided you had it in the right spot. The hi’s could be heard well, while the lows were a bit muffled, but nothing that wasn’t expected due to the parameters that were in place.


While doing some housework, the Xiaomi performed extremely well, and we were able to crank it up and rock out. While inside, the hi’s seemed crisp, and for those bass-heavy songs, the Xiaomi speaker actually hopped around on the table whenever the bass hit. The speaker was also loud enough to be heard from the living room while we were doing things in other rooms.

Finally, we tested the Xiaomi speaker outside. This is where the size really caused some issues. Because this speaker is so small, it’s rough trying to listen to it while outside, considering all the different elements that could be, and usually are, at play. So unless you’re standing right next to the speaker, chances are, you won’t be very happy with the results.

Battery Life And Conclusion

In addition to being extremely light and portable, this speaker is packing a 2,000 mAh battery, which equated to about 11 hours of continuous listening. Also, there is a microphone built into the speaker, allowing for you to take those phone calls and use the speaker itself without having to worry about disconnecting and reconnecting or anything of that sort.

All in all, the Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker is a great option for those who want to be able to listen to tunes around the house, or maybe even in the car, if the opportunity arises. Just be mindful that this isn’t going to be the workhorse for your house party, inside or out.

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Product Page: Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker

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