Listening to your music on the go is hardly a new trend, we’ve had portable audio since the introduction of devices such as the Sony Walkman; the biggest change in recent years is easily with how we listen to music on the go. Mobile devices act as MP3 players, they offer music streaming services, gaming, movies and of course the least used feature on most people’s phones these days, actual phone calls. Sure all these things can be enjoyed to a certain extent via the built-in speakers and microphones on your device, but for music, movie and games, that may not be the ideal solution. There are many audio solutions on the market for mobile products, such as speaker docks, headphones, headsets and more that all offer ways to expand your audio experience. The latest headset from MEElectronics, the Air-Fi Rumble, is packed full of features that make it very appealing to a wide range of users. The headset features wireless technology via Bluetooth, a built-in microphone, rechargeable battery, multimedia controls and more.

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Driver: 40mm dynamic driver
Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Impedance: 32 Ohms at 1k
Sensitivity: 106+3 dB at 1KHZ
Talk/Playback Time: 14 hours
Standby Time: 150 hours
Bluetooth Version: 4.0
Bluetooth Profiles Supported: A2DP, HSP, HFP, AVRCP
Operating Range: 30ft(10m)
Additional Features: 3.5mm jack for wired use

Package Contents And Initial Thoughts

In the box, you’ll find everything you need to get you started. There’s the headphones themselves(obviously), a protective pouch to keep them scratch free when not in use, a 3.5mm cable for backwards compatibility with older phones, as well as with non-wireless ready devices such as portable games consoles and media players. Finally, there’s also a USB to Micro-USB cable which can be used to charge the built-in battery.

When I first pulled the Air-Fi Rumble from the box, I was very impressed with the weight of the headphones. While they are kind of large in size, as you would expect from over-the-ear headphones, they are extremely light weight.

The Air-Fi Rumble that MEElectronics sent me were the black and red pair which I was very excited about. They have a glossy finish which really makes them stand out. The glossy black exterior of the headband is backed with a warm red, while the ear cups are trimmed with a silver highlight.

On the right ear cup is where the microUSB charging port is located and then on the left ear cup is where the 3.5mm audio jack is located. Also on the left side of the headphones is where the audio controls are located, such as volume, skip tracks and so on. The buttons are small, but are placed in a great position so that they are easily found without having to look and they are pressed with ease to give you easy and seamless interaction as needed.

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The headband has been given a soft rubber coated padding for extra grip and comfort; it shouldn’t slip off your head while walking around. The ear cups are a little small, but they come with a thick and soft padding that feels very comfortable to the touch; they’re designed to be on-the-ear when worn, rather than over-the-ear. Helping to provide a better fit are the ear cup mounts, a small pivot at the back allows them to move a few degrees in each direction, so they should feel comfortable on any head shape.

These headphones fold up nice and small, which makes carrying them easy. I’ve often steered clear of over the ear headphones because of their size but this isn’t the case with the Air-Fi Rumble Headphones.

Sound And Performance

Connecting through Bluetooth was nice and easy. You simply hold down the play button to turn on the device, then keep holding it until the headset says “pairing.” The headset will speak aloud a pairing password to enter onto your device and will be discoverable when you search for Bluetooth devices on your mobile device. Once paired, the built-in controls are perfect for answering calls, skipping tracks and adjusting volumes. I really like that the controls are simple and easily located on the left ear cup, as you can comfortably find and press them without taking off the headset.

Max volume is very loud on this headset, no doubt louder than most people would be comfortable with, but this could have great benefits if your source material happens to be recorded quietly, as it gives you the extra boost you would need to enjoy it properly. Even at max volume the headset is distortion free, but it can become a little treble heavy and you’ll lose some of the fidelity in the bass frequencies; this isn’t uncommon in a headset of this size.

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Music performance on the headset is very impressive. Given the size of the drivers and the lightweight design of the headset in general, I wasn’t expecting a big sound, but that’s exactly what I got! Bass has a nice thump to it overall that sounds great with electronic and dance type music, but there’s enough grunt to the sound to enjoy a wide range of music; even really heavy death metal type music didn’t cause any issues. If I’m being picky, I would say that the mid ranges are not as detailed as they could be, but overall the sound quality is on par with any comparable price/spec headset.

The microphone is bright and clear, nothing remarkable, but nothing wrong with it either. It’s certainly good enough to use for phonecalls and it saves you from having to turn off your music just to pick up the phone; great for when you’re walking around as it keeps your hands free. Personally this isn’t something I use, but I do test it during reviews just to see how the sound quality is as this is an important feature to some people out there.

Final Thoughts On The Air-Fi Rumble

The headphone and headset market is very saturated at the moment, so it can be extremely difficult for a new brand to find their place. Unless performance, build quality and price are all competitive, it’s very much a waste of time for any brand to try to compete. Fortunately for MEElectronics, they’ve ticked all the right boxes with their latest headset and it’s got a great chance of succeeding; so long as consumers are willing to make the investment on an unfamiliar brand.

Build quality is really nice, there’s a lot of twist-flex in the headband, so despite its lightweight design, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to snap without significant force being applied. The glossy plastics are nicely finished and the headband extender/folding mechanism is metal reinforced. The soft padding of the ear cups could be prone to damage if you don’t store the headset properly, as it is quite soft, but MEElectronics have included a protective pouch to ensure it doesn’t get ripped between uses.

The battery life is very good, I managed to get four days use out of the headset before it needed charging; which totaled about 10 1/2 hours of actual usage. MEElectronics say it’ll go for 14, but that obviously depends on the volume levels you use and probably other things as well. One good thing about the Air-Fi Rumble is that if the battery does die on you, you can always hook them up via the 3.5mm jack with the supplied cable and still continue to listen to your music without any issues.

Overall I’m very pleased with the Air-Fi Rumble headphones and I can say that this is something of importance for me to state since I’m one who really doesn’t care for over-the-ear headphones much. Mainly because of their size and their weight. But MEElectronics has done an outstanding job on these and I’d highly recommend them to anyone. The price is $79.99 and you can purchase them directly from MEElectronics or from Amazon if you’d like.

Website: MEElectronics
Product: MEElectronics Air-Fi Rumble(Red/Black)
Product: MEElectronics Air-Fi Rumble(Blue/White)

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