Are you a gamer like myself whose hands sweat when you play? Are you like me and have tried Kontrol Freek grips, silicone grips, sweat lubricants and anything else you can find on the market? Today, you’ll have to look no further as I have found the product that helps those of us with sweaty gaming hands. Yep, introducing you to Schweatys, controller grips for those that sweat and actually perform better the more your hands sweat.

About Schweatys

Schweatys is a company that I oddly found via a sponsored post on Instagram. Yeah I know, that sounds weird and I guess I was a sucker at the time for a sponsored post, but it’s a decision I stand behind. The guy who owns the company used to race cars and other similar things and came up with the idea of using Alcantara fabric which is what you find on the steering wheels of Lamborghini’s.

Currently Schweatys are available for PS4 and XB1 controllers such as the Dual Shock 4, the XBox One controller and the XBox One Elite controller. Schweatys is also in the process of hopefully making some products for the SCUF Impact controllers as I have sent them an old SCUF Impact that I had laying around for them to hopefully get the cutouts right for said controller.

You can also buy Schweatys for your console itself, however, I didn’t get any of those as I’m not a big fan of putting anything like a skin on my console. Note that the console Schweatys are for more for a decoration than anything else.

Schweatys Image 1

What Is Alcantara

Alcantara is a microfibre material manufactured and marketed by Alcantara S.p.A. It is primarily used in the design, fashion, accessories, consumer electronicsautomotive and marine industries.[

The material was developed in the early 1970s by Miyoshi Okamoto, a scientist working for the Japanese chemical company Toray Industries. It was based on the same technology as another product from the same company named Ultrasuede. Around 1972, a joint venture between Italian chemical company ENI and Toray formed Alcantara SpA in order to manufacture and distribute the material.[ The company is now owned by Toray and Mitsui.

Alcantara is produced by combining an advanced spinning process (producing very low denier bi-component “islands in the sea” fibre) and chemical and textile production processes (needle punching, buffing, impregnation, extraction, finishing, dyeing, etc.) which interact with each other.

Applying Your Schweatys

The application process is very simple and only takes about 5 – 7 minutes for a full set of four on the Dual Shock 4 controller for the Playstation.

Scweatys come in 4 pieces to cover the parts of the controller that you hold. There’s two for the front and two for the back, though it’s not necessary for you to use all 4 if you choose not to. Some folks would want only the two front pieces applied as they might have some other kind of grip on the back such as what a SCUF controller has.

The back of the pieces have a decently strong adhesive on them covered with a thin piece of paper. Simply remove that piece of paper and line up the piece you are applying to the correct side of the controller and then simply press and apply. If you make a mistake and don’t get it aligned properly, you can easily remove it and apply it where you want or need it.

Once you have applied two or four pieces, you’re good to go. Now it’s time to game in comfort and regardless if your hands sweat or not, you know you’ll have a firm grip on your controller.

Though the one major upside of Schweatys is that when your hands sweat, the better the grip on them and the controller you have. I really thought when I heard this line that is wasn’t going to be true, but I can assure you it is.

My Schweatys Experience

I’ve had my Schweatys for about 2 weeks now and let me tell you, they have changed how I play my Playstation. Mainly because up until I got the Schweatys for my Dual Shock 4, I never used the Dual Shock controller. I’m a SCUF controller type of guy simply because they allow you to have a grip applied to the back of the controller from the factor. While it works to a degree with the way my hands sweat, it could certainly be better. This is exactly where Schweatys comes in to play.

I quickly applied my Schweatys to my Dual Shock 4 and turned on some Fortnite. A game that gets pretty intense and a game I often find where my hands sweat the most.

I was instantly in love and knew that I had finally found a product that would be one I’d use for a long time to come. I was so in love with the product that I quickly contacted the owner of the company and talked to him about possibly making Schweaty’s for the SCUF Impact controller so that I could use my controller of choice but also use Schweatys to help make my sweaty hands have a better grip on my controller.

Schweatys Image 3

He was quick to listen to my suggestion and I even offered up an old SCUF Impact that I could send him for testing purposes. As of the writing of this there’s no update on how he’s doing making them for the SCUF controller yet, but hopefully that’s coming soon as the XBox Elite Controller Schweatys were just added in the last day or two. So hopefully that means he’ll be working on the SCUF Impact version.

Removal of the Schweatys is pretty simple too. After they have been applied for a while, read that as even a day or two especially with moderate use, they are definitely stuck to your controller. However, removal is pretty simple. Just grab a corner and pull slowly and your Schweatys will come off of your controller. Shockingly, they leave little to no adhesive residue on your controller which is something I’ve had happen with anything in the past that I’ve used that have a similar adhesive. My worst experience were the Kontrol Freek grips. They completely ruined a Dual Shock 4 controller years ago and I swore to never use them again.

The Schweatys however come right off with no problem and allow you to use your controller afterwards without issue. Something that is truly nice in case you do get tired of using them, though I’m not sure why that would ever happen.

Final Thoughts And Discount Code

Overall, this is hands down the best experience with any kind of grip for a Dual Shock 4 controller I’ve ever had over the course of the last 15+ years of using console controllers. Schweatys is something I’d recommend to everyone out there, especially if your hands sweat in the least little bit. Though I’d recommend them to anyone whose hands don’t sweat, as they making holding the controller a complete pleasure.

Schweatys Image 2

What’s even more amazing is the cost of the Schweatys. For a set of 4 pieces(front and back) I honestly expected to see a price of $45 or more, but the price is currently only $15 for either the PS4 or XB1 controllers. Yes, you read that right, only $15 per set and they come in various colors which include blue, red, black and silver. Silver is a limited edition right now, so if you’re interested in those you might want to hurry as they might not be around for long.

On top of Schweatys only costing you $15, I have a discount code associated with my gaming Instagram account, DecryptedGamer, that you can use to save a massive 20% off of your entire order. The order has to be placed on via the website and the code to use at checkout is: DECRYPTED. The code has unlimited uses so you can order as many Schweatys as you’d like for a slightly cheaper price than they already are.

Again, I personally will be using these going forward on all of my controllers, especially if/when they come available for the SCUF Impact controller. And once I get my Astro C40 TR controller when it’s released in March, I’m hoping the owner of Schweatys will be able to do something for that as well.

Don’t hesitate to get your Schweatys order in today and remember to use the code DECRYPTED to get a bit of a nice little savings on your entire order!

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