Every once in a while I’ll find a product I like so much I just mutter, “I wish I had thought of this brilliant product.” Then there are products that are real improvements over existing versions. SnapPower is making such products, which are covers for ordinary outlets and now their new SwitchLight Light Switch covers that we all have in our homes. The SnapPower family of products gives those outlet and plug covers added functionality, like adding LED lighting or a USB charging port.

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Installation couldn’t be easier for the SnapPower SwitchLight as all you need is a basic screwdriver to remove two screws and then to screw them back in to the new switch plate.

There are prongs built onto the back of the plate that pull power from the side posts of the outlet where the power wires connect. It’s genius. Simply remove the one or two screws holding on the old cover and replace it with the SnapPower cover. It takes less than 30 seconds to get SwitchLight installed on most any light switch.

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Like the GuideLight, the SwitchLight also has a strip of LED lights on the bottom side of the plate that come on when the lights in the room go out. The SwitchLight comes in two different styles one being toggle which is the switch that you flip up and down, and it also comes in decor, which is the flat rocker type of switch.

One thing to note is that these are only available for single switches so if you have switches that have multiple switches on one box or even a different size switch/toggle, then SwitchLight will not work for you.

There is a little slider on the front, bottom left of the switch cover which allows you to control the brightness of the light. You have three options which are full brightness, partial brightness or off. Unfortunately my only complaint about the SwitchLight comes here as the brightness isn’t near as strong as their GuideLight, which is the same product except it’s made for outlets.

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For me personally SwitchLight is decent. It’s not super bright that it blinds but it could definitely be a bit brighter than what it is. For the cheap price of $17.00 each you really can’t go wrong if you’re looking for something to add a bit of light to a room at night to the point where it’s not pitch dark.

The SwitchLight is a breeze to install and hopefully in the future there will be more options for various types of light switches and switch combinations. Hopefully this is something that SnapPower can find a way to do and to add it to their already decent line of products.

SnapPower SwitchLight


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Installation


Light Output





  • Different Color Options
  • Different Style Options
  • Easy To Install


  • Not Very Bright

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