With all of the mobile devices we all have now days, we’re always looking for a quick and easy way to charge said devices regardless if we’re at home or at work stuck in our square little cubicle. The smaller the product the better in most cases and we just want something that works without little to no interaction. Enter the RND Power Solutions Desktop Dock for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

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Specifications And Features

  • Apple MFi Certified: Apple Certified and meets Apples high manufacturing standards – MFI (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad). Our products are part of Apple MFi program which use Apples licensed technology to connect your devices safely.
  • Case Compatible: It will fit your phone with a case by adjusting the connector to come up higher or lower to accommodate your case size.
  • Charge And Sync: Connects to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning Connector and charges/syncs by connecting the USB connector into your wall charger or computer.
  • Compatible With But Not Limited To: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Phone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone SE (Special Edition), iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod Touch, iPod nano, Siri Remote.
  • Highest Quality: Cradle is IC Certified with integrated smart-chip to prevent overcharge. You can place your phone in the cradle overnight without worrying about overcharging.
  • Lightning Dock Cable Length: 3 Feet, 1 Meter.
  • Color: Black with Silver Trim.
  • Professional Retail Packaging: RND Power Solutions products comes in professional retail packaging. Authentic RND Power Solutions products will have our branding on the product and packaging.
  • 100% Guaranteed: 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed! Backed by RND Power Solutions 1-Year hassle free warranty.

The desktop dock that RND Power Solutions sent over to me for the iPhone 7 Plus that I have is one of the greatest little gadgets I’ve owned for said device. It’s small, compact, lightweight and therefore fits just about anywhere I need it or want it. It’s currently sitting on one of the shelves of my computer desk and it’s got a 10ft micro USB cable attached to it that plugs into a USB port on my computer. I say it has a 10ft micro USB cable, but it needs to be noted that the cable that comes with the desktop dock is only 3 feet long. This probably isn’t an issue for most people, but for me personally it is. With that said, I’ve got thousands of cables laying around in boxes here that it’s not like I needed to go spend extra money to be able to place the desktop dock exactly where I wanted.

RND Power Solutions has made an excellent choice of allowing this desktop dock to work with most cases that one would put on their iPhone or iPad. I tried with several different cases and none of them caused me any problems. I was able to place my device right onto the lightning plug that it has right in the base of the dock and regardless of the case my device started charging.

One really good thing that RND Power Solutions has done is include a dial in the back of the dock that allows you to raise and lower the lightning connector in the front. This is what allows it to work with all types of various cases.

The only question that I really have about this RND desktop dock is why the decision to use a micro USB cable coming into the dock with a USB plug on the other end of the cable? I ask this because I have the same product for my Pixel XL that instead of the lightning connector it has a Type-C connector and on that dock the cable is built into the dock itself and doesn’t require a micro USB end to be plugged into the back of the dock itself.

The one good thing about the cable not being attached is that I can replace it with something longer, like I needed to do, to have it sitting on my desk exactly where I want it instead of having to compromise due to it having a short cable like the one that came with it.

Placing your device on the dock is dead simple. There’s no angling it in the right direction, holding the lightning connector forward or anything like that. Simply place your device on it, push it down gently and then go on about what you were doing knowing that your device is charging without issues.

This is a product that I highly recommend for anyone needing a small, compact desktop dock style charger for the iPhone or iPad. It’s cheaply priced at only $25.99 but you get a solidly built product that just works right out of the box which is often one of the most important things when dealing with a certain product.

If you too are in the need of something like the RND Power Solutions Desktop Dock, then hit the link below in the ratings section and scoop one up now. However, if you’re looking to save yourself a bit of money, you can head over to the RND Power Solutions website and use the code “TECHD” at checkout and you will save 15% on your entire order. This is a promo code that the awesome folks at RND have given us to give to you so that you might grab a few items that you’re in need of at a cheaper, discounted price.

RND Power Solutions Desktop Dock For iPad, iPhone, iPod


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use







  • Very Well Built
  • Small And Compact
  • Works With Cases
  • Adjustable


  • Micro USB Cable Is A Bit Short
  • Only One Color Option

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