Four months ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Redragon Vata K580 Keyboard which I absolutely enjoyed using for several months. Today, Redragon has sent over their K580 Pro keyboard.

There’s actually no difference in the Redragon K580 Pro and the Redragon Vata K580 other than the types of switches the keyboard uses. As stated in my review of the Redragon Vata K580 keyboard, it uses Outemu Blue Switches. Those switches make a much more “clicky” sound, giving you more of the mechanical keyboard feel and sound than the Redragon K580 Pro does.

With the Redragon K580 Pro, you get the Optical Brown Switches, which are much more quieter when you’re typing. They aren’t near as loud, not that loud is necessarily a bad thing, as the Vata K580 keyboard is.

Design And Look

When I pulled the Redragon K580 Pro keyboard out of the box, I was instantly blown away at how beautiful looking it was, and that was before it was plugged in and lit up. The keyboard has a bit of weight to it which to me is very nice. I’m one who puts a lot of pressure on my keyboards when I’m playing, and this weight helps prevent it from sliding all around.

The Redragon K580 Pro comes with six backlight themes and 18 backlight modes that allow you to type confidently in a dark room. If you feel the backlight is too bright, you can always adjust the brightness by using the Fn(Function) and the Up/Down arrows. Even the sides of the keyboard has RGB strips to give this keyboard a lot of RGB lights to brighten things up. The RGB on the side panels can be changed just like the RGB behind the keys are changed. There’s just so much customization you can do with this keyboard and all of its RGB that makes it so much more worth it.

As mentioned above, the K580 Pro comes with Optical Brown Switches which are considerably quieter than the Outemu Blue Switches on the Vata K580 keyboard.

What this means is, it’s really just a personal preference to you as to what you want to use. If you don’t mind the louder clicking of the Outemu Blue Switches, then the Vata K580 is for you. If you have a roommate or kids that are close by when you are regularly typing away at the keyboard that you don’t want to disturb, then the K580 Pro with the Optical Brown Switches is most likely for you.

Optical switches bring more durability to the switches since there is no spring. Rated at 100 million keystrokes, the switches will last for a very long time. The double shot keycaps don’t fade over time and are very durable.

The K580 Pro also includes multimedia keys that you can use to control your music such as Spotify. The keyboard has previous, next and a play/pause button as well as a scroll wheel that controls the actual volume of your system. This is extremely nice for those of us like myself who streams and needs a quick and easy way to skip to the next song or raise/lower the volume. You can also control the brightness of the RGB of the keyboard with this same scroll wheel.

The K580 Pro also comes with a 10-key number pad for those that need it. For me, this is mandatory since this is also the keyboard I use all day for my job since I work from home for Nova Launcher for Android. Some people don’t need nor want a 10-key number pad, so if that’s the case, then the K580 Pro is not for you.

Performance And Features

The Redragon K580 Pro comes with five programmable macro keys(G1 – G5) to allow you to perform multiple commands at a single click of a button. These five macro keys can be easily and quickly customized via the Redragon software which you can download here: Redragon Software. It is worth noting that some people have had issues getting this software to work with their Windows 10 install and I’m not sure if there is currently a fix for those users or not. I personally didn’t run into any issues with installing the software as it simply worked for me.

There are multiple things you can do with the macro keys such as record the macro keys, save the recording, remove the default keybindings one by one or delete all of them together. These macro keys come with a maximum length of 8 total keystrokes. If you have any issues with setting up the macro keys on any Redragon keyboard that offers them, you can simply contact their customer support and they will help you as quickly as possible.

One of the most attractive things about the Redragon K580 Pro is the option to replace switches on the keyboard. The K580 Pro comes with eight additional switches including black, brown, blue and red. This allows you to test different switch colors for a different typing or gaming experience and to see what you enjoy the best. There is also a key switch remover tool included within the box.

Keyboard Durability

Redragon K580 Pro is a high quality and durable mechanical keyboard with a sturdy build. The keys have also passed the “50 million times keystroke test.” The double-shot injection molded keycaps are dustproof, waterproof, and do not fade even on prolonged use. So, if you like Cherry Blue switches, then this keyboard makes an excellent alternative to the more high-end options from Corsair or Logitech. The difference in quality certainly doesn’t feel as significant as the bump in price. In most ways, the K580 Pro from Redragon feels just as qualitative as a lot of high-end options, and it really doesn’t feel like you sacrifice a lot when you opt-in for this budget-friendly option.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Redragon K580 Pro comes with all the features you need for gaming and more. The “on the fly” macro recording can be incredibly useful for gamers. You can easily download the software from Redragon’s official website and configure the macros in no time. The RGB functionality is great for matching the color scheme with other equipment. There’s no shortage of lighting options.

For the current price of $64.99, this keyboard is hands down one I suggest to anyone looking for a great mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s got excellent weight, durability and just looks absolutely amazing, especially once it’s plugged in and lit up. The font used on the keys of the keyboard are very bold and stand out so you don’t have squint to see the keys you are looking for.

Discount Code

Thanks to the awesome folks over at Redragon for allowing me to review this product and others that they have sent over in the past. They have also provided me with a special URL that anyone can use to save a total of 5% off of your entire purchase across their site. So if you’re interested in purchasing the Redragon K580 Pro, or any of their products, you can click this link: Save 5% On Your Entire Order. I believe if you don’t click the link, you can always manually input DECRYPTED as the code during check out.

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