As you know, the folks over at Redragon have been sending me a few of their products for review over the past couple of months or so and I’ve been absolutely enjoying them. I’ve reviewed the Redragon Draconic K530 60% keyboard, Redragon Vata K580 Mechanical keyboard, and now today I will be taking a look at the Redragon GW800 HITMAN 1080p webcam.


  • Lens Size: 1/2.7”
  • Pixel Size: 3.0µm*3.0µm
  • Lens FOV: D = 72°
  • Frame Rate: 1080P 30fps Max
  • Focus Range: 50cm-infinity
  • Focusing: Fixed focus
  • Item Weight: 140g

Product Details

The Redragon GW800 HITMAN 1080p camera comes with fixed focus and built-in dual MEMS microphones as well as it has a full 360 degree rotation. This camera will work for live streaming to platforms such as Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube and others, as well as to use it for things like Skype, monitor a pet with, video recording or any online conference related stuff.

The 1080p HD resolution of the Redragon GW800 comes from the advanced optical lens with fix-focus and light correction function. The webcam will get the picture in fixed-focus regardless of light or dark lighting environments. This means you will always look good and natural on camera no matter what the lighting conditions are in the room you’re using it in.

HD audio is provided by the dual built-in MEMS microphones. This provides anti-jamming stereo sound quality and the microphone will ensure that your communication is clear and stable at all times. This also means that the sound the camera delivers to your audience will make it sound just as clear as if you were having a face to face conversation.

Having 360 degree rotation is very important in a camera, especially to someone like myself who streams on Twitch 5 days per week. This means that I can turn the camera and capture anything I’d like with it at any given moment.

It instantly gives me the ability to include anything in the background that I’d like that’s behind me in the room from which I stream. Or, if my cat walks into the room and the stream would like to see her, then I can quickly readjust the camera and rotate it so they too can see my beautiful cat, Bess.

The Redragon GW800 HITMAN comes with a rotatable clip-on mount that allows you to use this webcam on just about any device out there, be it your PC monitor, laptop or anything else. This also allows you to place the camera directly on your desk or table if that gives you a better perspective that you’d like to capture.

One thing to note is that the Redragon GW800 doesn’t include a mount for a stand so if you don’t have a monitor or something similar to put this on, you won’t be able to purchase a webcam mount and attach it to that. Definitely an issue that some users will run into as some want their camera to be higher up and looking down upon them.

Setting up the Redragon GW800 is very simple as it’s nothing more than a plug and play device. It’s connected via a USB 2.0 plug to your PC. There’s no additional software to install or anything like that. Once plugged in, open up OBS, Discord or whatever software you’re wanting to use the camera with and it should be good to go without worry.

One thing that some people might not like about the Redragon Gw800 is that it is a fixed-focus camera. What this means is that there’s no way to adjust the camera image as far as to what you see or don’t see. It’s basically one setting and it captures exactly what you see in your streaming or video software. You can’t zoom in or zoom out to get more or less of the objects behind you.

For me, that’s not a big deal as I have my stream room setup to where it works perfectly well. The camera is 1080p at 30FPS, which again is a bit of a downgrade from some cameras these days as so many of them will do 60FPS, such as your higher end Logitech cameras and many others.

Images From Me Personally

Since I stream regularly on Twitch, you can see the image quality of the camera at any time by visiting my Twitch here I’ve also included a couple of still shots from my stream below to give you an idea of what the quality looks like when I’m playing Destiny 2 and streaming to a live audience.

Final Thoughts

For the current price of $44.99, the Redragon GW800 HITMAN 1080p camera is a great deal compared to so many other 1080p webcams out there currently. You get an excellent image that you will be very happy to share with your audience, regardless if it’s just sitting in an office style meeting or if you’re like me and showing that off to your audience on Twitch.

The fact that the webcam takes less than 30 seconds to plug it into your computer and to start using it makes it that much more worth it. No extra software to deal with, no zooming in/out to get the right look and feel or anything similar.

Then throw in that your audio will be crystal clear thanks to the dual mics and you’ve really got a great camera on your hands for such a cheap price.

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