I have had the pleasure of testing the smaller offerings from OxyLED such as their OxyLED T-02, OxyLED T-03S and their OxyLED Four LED Touch And Tap Light. I have now received their OxyLED T-04 Motion Sensor Night Light, which is the big brother of their motion lights. The product packaging is not much to talk about and likely would not garner a second look. The packaging is a plain cardboard brown with stenciled wording.  The front promises 25 Super-bright LED, motion-activated status, and a rechargeable system. Opening the packaging you will find a 15 3/4″ long by 1 7/16″ wide by 7/16″ thick motion light, 4 mounting screws, 2 pieces of 3M tape (2 3/4″ by 3/4″ and 1 5/8″ by 1 3/16″), 1 bracket, 1 wall plate, 1 user manual. To the right of the nightlight is a 3″ long detachable section, which is the power source for the device. Removing the section, you will notice a hidden USB dongle, which plugs into the light. Additionally, this USB-A dongle will plug into any standard USB-A outlet to charge which will take approximately 3 hours to get a full charge.

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After the three hour charge time, plug the USB charger into the light. At first, I was disappointed as it did not illuminate. I turned off the lights in my room and it did not illuminate. I turned to the manual and, under section three, read about the on/off/auto switch. As the device is shipped, the on/off switch is hidden by the bracket. Slide the bracket off and you will notice the on/off/auto toggle. Turn the switch to on and you will get a light that will illuminate continuously for at least 6 hours.

If you turn the switch to Off the light won’t come on at all as you would expect. In auto mode, you will get the benefit of the 10 foot, 120 degrees PIR sensor. Additionally, the light sensor will only illuminate in low to no light situations. You can expect continual light, with continued motion or the light will turn off after 20 seconds of inactivity. This is a great feature as it of course helps to save on battery life. The product is rechargeable and does not require any batteries. This is really a powerful feature of the device. Simply detach the LiPo battery pack from the main body, recharge it for 3 hours and then replace it with the light for repeated 25 LED illumination. It’s literally that easy. You don’t have to worry about detaching it from the wall, removing batteries or anything similar. You simply plug and unplug the battery pack right to the end of the fixture.

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The strength of the device is in the multiple and versatile, options for mounting. The company could have provided only a few options and this would have been acceptable. However, they chose to include a total of five different mounting options. This drastically adds many ways you can use this device instead of just something in the bathroom or hallway. If there is a location that you want the device permanently mounted, place the two pieces of 3M tape onto the long light only and place it where you desire. Do not place the tape on the battery pack as this will eliminate your ability to charge the light. Located underneath the on/off/auto toggle is a recessed/hidden hang tab, which is designed to hang on a nail. Initially, you may think that this would put the sensor too high. However, the 120 degree, 10 foot, range, essentially negates this concern. This works well on pegboard, in shops or simply on a nail in a cupboard. This allows for semi-permanent mounting, with the ability to easily move the device, when desired.

The included wall plate is an “I” shaped device. You can mount this with the included screws in horizontal or vertical position. Additionally, there are screw holes in the sidewall of the plastic, which allows for mounting outward from a doorjamb or corner. The wall plate has clips that attach into a groove on the light. This allows the light to slide up and down the wall plate. You can adjust the light to the position of your choosing. The included bracket has #2 screw holes in the back, which will allow you to mount the light horizontally or vertically. Simply slide the light into the bracket and enjoy a permanent placement. Lastly, my favorite options are the included magnets on the back of the light and the battery pack. The magnets are strong enough to attach to my front door in either vertical or horizontal position. Attach the device to your door, to a refrigerator, or to your toolbox. There is one additional and really cool use of this light. The magnets will attach to the metal inside your car or anywhere else you might have a need to attach the fixture to metal via the magnets.

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The 25 LEDs provide 100 lumen of light, which seems to be the perfect amount of light to prevent injuries. The coloration is a pleasing daylight-like color versus the yellow coloration of many of the lights I have tested. This light is perfect for home, for camping, for your mechanic needs or for your motor home. It is so versatile that you can charge it via wall power, or if off grid by a USB backup battery. I placed this under the lip of my sink (it is not waterproof) and it provides enough light to completely illuminate my kitchen. This would easily provide enough light for a tent. Place the device inside your Craftsman toolbox drawer for motion light. Never strain to see inside the drawers again.

You cannot ask for a better portable light source, one that is rechargeable and has LED’s that should last 50,000 hours. Add in the fact that the OxyLED T-04 will only set you back $20, and I feel you just can’t go wrong. Yet another winner by the OxyLED folks as I truly enjoy all of their products that they have sent me so far. The variety of mounting options ensure that this device should be in my home. I absolutely love the magnets, the ability to have a bracket in a few different places for whatever lighting need you may require. The motion sensors are reactive.  The only criticism that I found is that the light may not illuminate when you want, as the light sensor is very sensitive to ambient light.

OxyLED T-04 Motion Sensor Night Light


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  • Small And Compact
  • Very Bright
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