The old style of tap lights really weren’t that great. They used traditional bulb technology, meaning battery and bulb life weren’t that great, plus you had to really push to make them go on or turn them off. Today’s tap lights, including the OxyLED OxySense 4-LED Touch And Tap Light I’m reviewing here, leave those issues solidly in the past.

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The OxyLED T-01 features four bright white LEDs that pump out 4 watts at about 20 lumens of brightness. That’s sufficiently bright to light up smaller dark spaces, like the inside of a cupboard or cabinet, or the under- or back-side of a desk (at only 6.89 x 1.77 inches, it can fit just about anywhere). Since the OxyLED T-01 is LED-based, battery life is in the 100 hour range from the required three AAA batteries which unfortunately aren’t included.

Attaching the OxyLED T-01 to a surface is simple with the included 3M sticky pads which I can assure you have plenty of adhesive on them. This is made to be a semi-permanent attachment to most any surface, but depending on the surface it might be harder to remove it than it is from other surfaces. The good thing is the back piece detaches from the fixture itself so the backing stays attached to with the adhesive pads which allows for easy access to remove and replace the batteries as needed.

Battery life is estimated at 103 hours which is a lot of hours for a light this size. Unfortunately I haven’t used it even close to that much so I’m not sure what battery life is like exactly but I’ve had it installed in the bathroom for about 2 weeks now and I can assure you the batteries are going just as strong today as they were when I installed it 2 weeks ago.

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The place I chose to use the OxyLED T-01 was in the bathroom as I have a 3-part bathroom. I have the one side with a sink, then the toilet and the tub are together in the middle part and then the other side has another sink. I needed a night light of sorts on one of the sink parts as I didn’t have anything since moving into the new house. I chose to install it close to the wall outlet, kind of out of the way but still easy enough to access and in a place that would give off the most amount of light.

This worked out perfectly as this side of the bathroom is the side that my fiancee does her hair and make-up and all that girly stuff, so it’s not something that needs to be on at all times that the overhead light isn’t on, but just whenever we need/want it on.

Once I attached the OxyLED T-01 to the wall, it was firmly attached and not going anywhere at all. Then a simple tap of the light itself on the little silver knobs would turn it on or turn it off. Now when I need light in there at night and don’t want to turn on the overhead light, a simple tap of the OxyLED T-01 and the room lights up quite a bit. Good thing is that it’s not too terribly bright to where it’s blinding, but it’s bright enough to see to dig into a drawer or look in the cabinets or whatever.

For the super low price of $8.99 you can grab yourself an OxyLED T-01 4-LED tap light via the link below and never have to worry about turning on blinding lights in the middle of the night when you head to the bathroom or whatever.

OxyLED OxySense T-01 4-LED Touch Light


Design And Form Factor






Ease Of Use





  • Small And Compact
  • Very Bright
  • Battery Operated


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