The OLALA 64GB iPhone flash drive is designed for people who tend to fill their iPad/iPhone up with photos and videos pretty quickly and want to move them onto an external storage device without using any cables. OLALA has sent me their 64GB iPhone flash drive external storage to review which retails for $42.99 on Amazon. The toggle switch in the middle is nicely built and it’s easy to slide up and down and doesn’t get stuck like some other flash drives that are on the market. If you slide it one way, it will give you the lightening connector and the other way its got the USB.

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The OLALA iPhone flash drive is great if you have an 8GB or 16GB iPhone/iPad because they fill up very quickly and you can make more room on your device. It’s also a great add-on product for anyone who takes a lot of pictures and or records a lot of videos from their device. It’s pretty straight forward to use, you plug it in and it will ask you to download the iDisk app and then you will have 64GB of extra storage on your device. Once you transfer your files onto the flash drive, you can hook it up to any USB port on your computer and transfer all that to your computer. Or you can plug into your TV when you have friends or family over to show off all the great stuff you have to share. The user guide is located into the settings tab in case you need it. You can also automatically record your photos/videos directly to the flash drive so that you’re not taking up space on your internal storage of your iPhone/iPad or whatever.

There’s a plastic cap for the lightning side to protect it when it’s not in use. Some people have complained that the plastic cap doesn’t fit if you put it on the USB side but I had no trouble fitting it. It does take a little bit of pressure but it fits perfectly. Mileage may vary of course but thankfully I was able to use the cap on both ends to help keep the device protected when I had it in my pocket while it wasn’t in use.

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This USB 3.0 connector flash drive is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 and OLALA advertises this flash drive with reading up to 110 MB/s and writing up to 40 MB/s.

There’s only one thing that bothers me with the OLALA iPhone flash drive and that is the fact that the lightning connector isn’t long enough to fit into most cases so you will have trouble connecting it with your device if you have a thick case. It forces you to remove the case which is not practical. If you have a case that doesn’t block the port area like I do then you won’t have any problems with connecting it to your device. Unfortunately for most people, they have a heavy duty protective case that will cause them to remove it before being able to use the OLALA.

Overall, for the most part, the OLALA 64GB iPhone flash drive is a well designed product that can provide extra storage to your iPhone/iPad and can free up space in your phone and it just simply works out of the box without any real setup or anything similar. It’s literally as simple as plug and play and continue on doing what you needed to do and not have worries about filling up your iPhone/iPad storage.

OLALA 64GB iPhone Flash Drive


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use







  • Small And Compact
  • Plenty Of Storage
  • Multiple Colors Available


  • Lightning Connector Is Too Short
  • Doesn't Work With Most Cases

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