MyCharge makes batteries in all shapes and sizes. The company that started out as Powerbag now produces more traditional charging devices, up to 9,000 mAh in capacity. Its latest is an impressively small 6,700 mAh charger called AmpMax ($39.99). The high capacity cell is packed into a dense package, coated in a soft-touch finish. Thanks to its size, capacity, and charging output, it’s well-suited for juicing up an iPad on the go, although it’ll only offer about half of a recharge.

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  • Battery: 6700mAh Lithium Ion
  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 in x 2.8 in x 0.9 in
  • Product Weight: 0.30 lbs.
  • USB Port Delivers 2.4A output

AmpMax exhibits some of MyCharge’s finest industrial design to date. The aesthetics are both classy and classic. The end caps are slightly different: they’re lighter in color, with a dimpled surface. You’ll find the usual array of inputs and outputs, buttons and battery indicator lights, around the front and side edges. The two USB ports on this one are capable of putting out 2.4-Amps of power, enough to charge any of Apple’s portable devices at full speed. There’s also an LED flashlight, as is the trend these days. We don’t see it as adding any real value, but then again, it doesn’t hurt anything to be there.

Also included on the MyCharge AmpMax is a USB cable so that you can plug most any device into it and start charging. You can even use both USB ports and plug up an external hard drive in a lot of cases and charge that if need be.

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The best part of the MyCharge AmpMax is simply how small, compact and portable this device this and the fact that you can get quite a bit of charge out of it to power up a couple of mobile phones or a tablet. There’s nothing better than being able to carry something like this in your pocket, comfortably, and know that if and when your phone gets low on juice that you have plenty of backup power literally in your front pocket.

Overall I’m really pleased with the MyCharge AmpMax especially with how much it charges for such a small device. For the mere price of $39.99 you really can’t go wrong if you’re in the market for on the go power to recharge your

MyCharge AmpMax Portable Charger


Design And Form Factor




Battery Life





  • Light Weight
  • Plugs For Two Devices
  • Very Compact
  • USB Cable Included


  • None At This Time

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