For all of us that play video games, especially on a PC, then we are always looking for a great keyboard that will do a lot of stuff, have a lot of features and probably just have some really cool options. That’s why today I’m going to give you a short little review of the Masione LED Gaming Keyboard.

Specs And Features

  • Seven different LED back lit keyboard colors
  • All caps are made with durable ABS
  • Plug And Play connection

A unique company by the name of Masione has sent me their gaming keyboard. It’s like an Alienware keyboard except it’s a hell of a lot cheaper which makes it budget-friendly. That’s one of many things that sparked my interest, along with the keyboard having backlights. Similar to Apple’s MacBook Pro’s keyboard, the keys sit in an island-style format while lights fill each and every key to give it better visibility. Except Masione has taken it a step further by adding the ability to change the colors – 7 in total. This made my gaming experience a bit more enjoyable when gaming late at night or just to show off to friends and family. In addition, there’s three levels of brightness as well.

The only issue with the LED lights is that they don’t stay on. They shut off after a couple of minutes of inactivity. It would be nice to have a setting so that you could have it continue to turn them off after a certain time or to have them stay on continuously. Unfortunately Masione didn’t include that and that’s kind of disappointing to me, but certainly not a deal breaker and not really a surprise when you consider the price.

​I was able to quickly access the keyboard within the packaging and plug it directly into my laptop. Next thing you know, I was up and running like Forest Gump! There’s Plug & Play Technology to make installation a breeze which should be standard in this day of age, right? Like I said, I was able to start using my keyboard within a couple of minutes at the very most. Within about an hour or so, I didn’t find myself straining my wrist, hand, or fingers. I found the design to be comfortable with its smooth lines and elegant curves. Hm, this sounds like I’m describing a beautiful woman, but I’m still talking about this sweet keyboard! Seriously, my friends!

I’ve never been one to really enjoy a mechanical keyboard and while this isn’t a full mechanical keyboard, it’s still got quite a bit of mechanical keyboard feel to it.

Masione Gaming Keyboard


Design And Form Factor


Durability And Comfort




Ease Of Use


Input/Output Quality





  • LED Lights(7 Colors)
  • Easy To Setup And Use
  • Comfortable Feel
  • Very Affordable


  • LED Lights Don't Stay On
  • Wired Instead Of USB

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