Moshi was kind enough to send me the iVisor Privacy screen protector to review, for my iPhone 6. It’s an interesting product; not only does it protect the screen from scratches, but it also acts as a shield to prevent people from casually glancing at your screen content.

Inside the box we get a slim package containing the iVisor, a small suction cup for easier installing/removing, and a microfiber cloth. The installation was very simple. You just fix the suction cup to the front of the iVisor, remove the backing and line it up with your phone, making sure to remove dust and fingerprints beforehand of course.

iVisor Glass Privacy

It’s made of atomically strengthened IonGlass, so you don’t have to worry about screen bubbles during installation. That also means it’s much stronger than regular glass, and is actually harder than tempered steel.

The iVisor offers a 30 degree anti-viewing angle, which means when you look at your phone at the front, you can see the content just fine, but once you turn the phone, the screen transitions to black. If a person was standing to the side of you, they would have a hard time seeing what was on your screen. The technology enabling this privacy shield is proprietary; it’s some kind of multilayered coating. As you can see in the images below, I took a before and after shot of the iPhone. Even though in the after picture, the iPhone looks like it’s turned off, I can assure you that it’s on, but thanks to the iVisor, it blocks viewers.

Glass Privacy IMG 1

I noticed that when you look at it in bright sunlight, you see a grid of tiny dots on the surface, but that’s just part of the technology. Since the iVisor is made of actual glass instead of plastic like other screen protectors, it’s thickness makes pressing the home button slightly uncomfortable. If you use your iPhone without a case, your thumb will also grate against the edge of the iVisor when you perform the edge gesture that came with iOS 7.

The iVisor also attracts fingerprints like crazy, even more so than the iPhone sans screen protector. But those two are the only negative things I could find about the product. If you’re in a situation or job where you frequently read sensitive data on your phone (or just porn), you’ll definitely want the iVisor Glass Privacy.

Moshi caters to Apple products, so as long as you have an iPhone you’re good to go. The iVisor Glass Privacy comes in black and white to match your iPhone, as the screen protector is edge-to-edge. For iPhone 6, it’s $49.95, and for the iPhone 6 Plus it’s $54.95, with free shipping for both. For more information, check out the product page on Moshi’s website.

UPDATE: I also noticed while using my iPhone with the iVisor Glass Privacy, sometimes my finger presses wouldn’t register, especially on the edges. Moshi also informed me that the grid of dots I saw is called the Micro Grid, and it’s there to help with touch sensitivity, because there is an air gap in the center of the screen; the iVisor is only adhesive on the edges.


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