Trying to get those pinpoint and precision gestures on your device can be a pain from time to time. Sure, you could have a Note5 with the Stylus built-in, but most devices out there, don’t have one already. So if you want to stop using your built-in styluses, you’ll need to grab one from your favorite manufacturer.

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The Elago Rustic Stylus is a bit different from the rest of the pack, but that’s mainly due to the design. The Rustic has a wooden handle, with the tip being secured by an aluminum grip. In terms of the rubber tip, you actually get two with the Elago Rustic. The first is a little more “squishy” and while this tip works, and the other option has more of a “firm” feel to it.

When designing the Rustic stylus, elago went with some sleek, stylish, and functional. The Rustic, made from solid wood, was created to be compact and durable.

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Both tips offer a very fluid interaction with any touch-screen you throw at it. We tested the Elago Rustic with an iPhone 6s, OnePlus 2, an off-brand tablet, and an iPad, and ran into no issues. Now, if you are using the Elago Rustic for note-taking in something like Evernote, you may want to switch to the other rubber tip. I found a little bit more control with this, and it actually read my handwriting a bit better.

The extra rubber tip, that is included with every elago stylus Rustic, provides extended life for the stylus and now there is no need to worry about degradation from use!

Through your travels, you don’t want to end up losing your Elago Rustic, and you definitely don’t want to mess up the beautiful design. Elago thought of this and included a genuine leather pouch for you to house your Rustic stylus in. The stylus sticks out just far enough so you don’t have to try and dig it out of the pouch, which would get annoying. Usually, when something like that is annoying and bothersome, you’ll stop using it altogether, so Elago made sure that wouldn’t happen.

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Combining the beautiful design of the Elago Rustic, with the leather pouch and the extra rubber tip, and you’ve got a great stylus to do whatever you need to on your mobile devices. The Elago Rustic is a great option for anyone who wants to have just a casual stylus, or have one with a bit more precision than other options on the market today.

At the time of this writing, Elago has released an updated version of the Elago Rustic, but you can still find the first edition on Amazon. In the mean time, head over to Elago’s website and check out the other accessories that they have to offer. Let us know what your favorite stylus is, and why in the comment section down below.

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Elago Stylus Rustic


Design And Form Factor


Durability And Comfort







  • Aluminum Grip
  • Replaceable Tips
  • Leather Carrying Pouch
  • Wooden Handle



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