Sometimes, you just need to class it up a bit. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to some fine leather goods. And that’s exactly what we have today. Elago sent over their hand made leather mouse pad for us to take a look at. The mouse pad has some really excellent features and looks beautiful so be sure to check this one out.


Elago leather mouse pad

So, the Elago leather mouse pad looks great. Part of this is due to the multiple layers of the mouse pad. While it isn’t heavy and can raise a bit on the sides of the mouse pad, it is very well put together. Multiple layering allows the long lasting use of the leather. You won’t be wearing down spots in this leather mouse pad any time soon. This leather mouse pad is made for the desk but another added advantage of the multiple layers is that you can use this in bed if you work from there a lot. This mouse pad will stay straight unlike regular mouse pads giving you a nice flat area for your mouse.

The leather mouse pad feels premium to the touch. There is almost no friction and travel is excellent. On the bottom of the leather mouse pad you’ll find a suede leather that prevents it from moving around on your desk. This is almost a necessity for a leather mouse pad such as this because if they used the same leather as on top you’d be all over the place on your desk. And the desk is really where this mouse pad stands out. With it’s excellent looks, it will really complete the look of any tidy desk. Sitting this next to a MacBook Pro and under a Magic mouse would look perfectly placed.

Elago leather mouse pad

Elago hand makes all of their leather mouse pads. From the stitching around the edges to the “Designed by Elago in California, Made in Korea” etching on the back, everything is well thought out here. You can get the leather mouse pad in three different colors, black, burgundy and dark grey. All look great and the added color options give you the option to pick whats best to fit in with your desk space. If you have the aluminum look that Apple seems to be fond of, the dark grey is going to look pretty good or you can switch over to the aluminum line of mouse pads that Elago also sells.


Elago leather mouse pad

This mouse pad isn’t just to sit there and look pretty. In the top right corner of the leather mouse pad you’ll find an “M” with a circle around it. This is where your magnet will sit. And you may wonder why you want to magnet in your mouse pad. The answer is organization. From the lightning cable to the paper clips laying around, the extra help in organization is always helpful. I normally have my micro USB cable sitting on mine because the cords on my desk are always a mess and this just gives me a little peace of mind that I always know where it is.

Elago leather mouse pad


Elago leather mouse pad

The leather mouse pad by Elago is really a premium product. If you’re in the market for a mouse pad and you want to complete (or start) the look for your desk, I think this is a really good option. It’s really well built, functional and looks good. I have some small criticisms like the edges being a bit raise but that may take care of itself over time. I’d like to see this leather mouse pad in a bigger size as well. Even on my desk at work it can feel a bit small so a bigger size would play well with those of us that spend a lot of time on our computers. Having to constantly re-adjust is pretty annoying. I’d definitely recommend this mouse pad to anyone to loves the feel of leather or find the look of their desk just as important as the function. Elago has made a quality product here that feels excellent to the touch and is of really high quality.

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