Gamdias is a company that makes some amazing gaming gear such as keyboards, mice and now even gaming chairs(that review will come later) that I would recommend to anyone and everyone who is into gaming when it comes to doing so on a computer. I’ve reviewed several of their keyboards and mice such as the Hermes E2 Keyboard, Zeus P1 RGB Mouse and the Hermes 7 Color Keyboard. All of these are great products that I have totally enjoyed. Today however, I’m going to give you the details on their newest keyboard, the Hermes P3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

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  • Dimensions: 472 x 167 x 21 mm
  • Weight: 1.56KG
  • Built-in Memory: 72KB
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • N-Key Rollover: N-Key rollover
  • OTF Macro Record: Yes
  • Windows Key Disable: Yes
  • All-Keys Lock: Yes
  • Cable Length: 1.5m(TPE with Gold-plated Connector)
  • Software: GAMDIAS HERA
  • WASD & Arrow Keys Change: Yes
  • Consecutive Attack Mode: Yes

About The Hermes P3

Gamdias has been making quality products for a while now and I’ve had the pleasure of using and reviewing just about everything they have made. Their products are top quality and it’s clear when you open the box and see the product that there’s time well spent designing these products.

Just recently I reviewed their Hermes E2 keyboard which I absolutely loved. My only real complaint about the Hermes E2 was the fact that it didn’t have a 10-key number pad. While I know for a lot of gamers this isn’t important, but I use my keyboard for more than just gaming. I use it for work purposes and my job requires me to do a lot of number pushing at times and therefore the 10-key is important to me.

Unlike some of the other Gamdias products, the Hermes P3 doesn’t come with a braided cable with the USB plug on the end. It’s just your typical rubber coated USB cable. This isn’t a big downfall by no means, but to me the braided cables seem to last a bit longer and be more durable. The one good thing about the cable that is included is the length. Most companies give you a super short cable that often barely reaches to the back of the computer from where you keep your keyboard. Gamdias gives you a lengthy cable so there’s no worries there.

The Hermes P3 requires their HERA software to be able to easily changing the lighting of the keyboard to various patterns, colors or whatever. It’s simple to use and doesn’t require a massive learning curve.

The Hermes P3 includes certified mechanical switches that deliver quick gaming response and 50 million keystrokes for long lasting durability. While this doesn’t sound like much as far as number wise, I can tell you that 50 million keystrokes is a ton of keystrokes that will take you a while to hit. Even if you game each and every day for several hours a day. And just because it’s rated at 50 million keystrokes doesn’t mean that the instant you hit that mark it’s time for a new keyboard as it’s not. This is pretty much a type of guarantee that you will get at least 50 million keystrokes out of the keyboard.

Included in the box is a key-puller that allows you to easily switch out keys if you so desire. This is something a lot of gamers do so they can easily distinguish where certain keys are located by touch. This is often done with the ASWD keys or some times the arrow keys. Having the key-puller ensures that when you remove the keys you’re not going to break them or pull them at the wrong angle.

The Hermes P3 also has 16.8 million colors that is uses for the RGB back-lighting of the keyboard. This means that just about any color visible to the eye can and will be available via the back lighting of the Hermes P3 which just adds yet another great reason why this keyboard is beyond awesome.

Another great feature that the Hermes P3 has is the low profile key switch. What this means it that the height of the low profile key switch is actually 2mm shorter, giving you an advantage to win battles within the game itself. Think of it as your triggers or paddles on a SCUF controller or something similar where you have different settings for how far you have to press those triggers or paddles to actually make them do something within the game. Most players prefer the shorter press distance, and that’s exactly how the low profile key switch works.

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Key Input Quality

As I stated above, I’ve reviewed several of the Gamdias keyboards and I have to admit that the Hermes P3 is probably my favorite due to key input quality. This keyboard is super smooth and super easy to use for gaming purposes but also for every day typing.

Changing colors of the backlit keys is as simple as pushing a couple of buttons together and changing the lights to match your computer setup or style. You can have solid colors or multiple colors which is probably my favorite as it just looks the most awesome especially in a dark or dark lit room.

Due to the fact that the P3 has the 10-key number pad, it gives off a bit more light from the backlit keys than something like the Hermes E2 does. To me this is actually a good thing. I’m not one that likes to game or type in completely dark rooms, so the lighting that the P3 gives off is quite enough to light the room a bit to where you can see what you’re doing if you do have all of the lights turned off in your room.

One thing that I noticed right away with the Hermes P3 is how quiet the keys are when pressed. Most mechanical keyboards have a very distinctive and heavy clicking sound that can be heard from quite some distance. With the P3, you don’t get that. It makes just as much noise as a regular keyboard, which currently I’m comparing it to my Logitech K350. The key presses are so simple and smooth, but don’t give off the sound. Some people will like this some won’t as I know some gamers rely on that sound to know when certain buttons are pressed.

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Final Thoughts

For a price only $159.99 this is definitely a very affordable mechanical gaming keyboard. Gamdias is all about quality and they don’t miss the mark with the Hermes P3 by any means, just as they have never missed that mark in all of their previous products that they have sent me. In fact, I’ve got one of their new gaming chairs, the Achilles P1 Gaming Chair in black/red in the large size. I’m sure these two products will meet every expectation that I have of Gamdias and probably well exceed it.

The Hermes P3 is a keyboard that I absolutely love and would recommend this keyboard to anyone regardless if you game or not. However, if you do game on your PC, then this keyboard is even more right up your alley and something that I believe you will absolutely enjoy.

Gamdias Hermes P3 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use


Key Input Quality





  • Six Profiles Can Be Saved
  • 10-Key Number Pad
  • Backlit Keyboard


  • None At This Time

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