Gamdias gaming products are something I’ve been reviewing for a while now. I’ve reviewed their Zeus G1 RGB Optical Gaming Mouse, Hermes 7 Color Keyboard, as well as their Hermes E1 Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo. All I can say about all of their products so far is that they are top notch and excellent quality. I’m pretty sure the Hermes E2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that I have to show you all today is going to be no different. So with that said, let’s dig into the review and check it out.


  • Key Switch: GAMDIAS certified mechanical switches
  • Key Swtich Type: Blue/Brown/Red/Black (Product/Switch sold may vary on countries)
  • Switch Lifecycle: 50 Million
  • Programmable Keys: N/A
  • Multimedia Keys: 6
  • Backlit:  7 Color Illumination
  • Customizable Lighting Effects: N/A
  • GAMDIAS Certified Mechanical Switches
  • Neon Backlight Colors
  • 87/88/91Keys
  • New Sculpted Keys
  • Anti-ghosting with N-key rollover


  • Dimensions: 370 x 140 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 0.675 kg
  • Built-in Memory: 16KB
  • Polling Rate: 1000Hz
  • N-Key Rollover: N-Key rollover
  • OTF Macro Record: N/A
  • Windows Key Disable: Yes
  • All-Keys Lock: Yes
  • Cable Length: 1.5m
  • Software: N/A
  • WASD & Arrow Keys Change: Yes

About The Hermes E2 Keyboard

Small, simple and elegant, the Gamdias Hermes E2 mechanical gaming keyboard uses 10-key-less layout to save space and reduce the distance between your mouse and keyboard. Featuring GAMDIAS certified mechanical switches with 50 million key-press lifecycle, N-Key rollover, WASD-Arrow key swap, Windows key disable, all-key lock, and multimedia keys, the Hermes E2 is your new weapon of choice that empowers you to take any challenges. And its stylishly minimalistic design with customizable seven-color backlight lets your keyboard stand out immediately, just as your unbeatable gaming prowess.

For me personally, I much prefer a keyboard with 10-key if at all possible. Not so much while gaming of course, but for outside of gaming. I know I can quickly change keyboards, and often I do, I’d much rather have the 10-key part of the keyboard on any and every keyboard I own. With that said, I won’t be deducting any points in the ratings section for the Hermes E2 not having the 10-key as that’s not something I feel I can count off points for.

Gamdias Hermes E2 Gaming Keyboard Image 3

Unlike with previous models of their keyboards and mice that I’ve reviewed, there is no software to install with the Hermes E2. It’s literally just plug and play and you’re ready to game until your heart is content. It is a bit heavy weight wise, but this is actually a good thing when it comes to gaming keyboards because you want them to remain in one place on your desk and not be sliding or moving around.

The Hermes E2 includes certified mechanical switches that deliver quick gaming response and 50 million keystrokes for long lasting durability. While this doesn’t sound like much as far as number wise, I can tell you that 50 million keystrokes is a ton of keystrokes that will take you a while to hit. Even if you game each and every day for several hours a day. And just because it’s rated at 50 million keystrokes doesn’t mean that the instant you hit that mark it’s time for a new keyboard as it’s not. This is pretty much a type of guarantee that you will get at least 50 million keystrokes out of the keyboard.

Key Input Quality

As I stated above, I’ve reviewed several of the Gamdias keyboards and I have to admit, while it does lack the 10-key, the Hermes E2 is probably my favorite due to key input quality. This keyboard is super smooth and super easy to use for gaming purposes but also for every day typing. The only thing that could make the Hermes E2 better is if it had the 10-key pad with it. I say this mainly because when I use my keyboard for work purposes, I rely on the 10-key quite a bit. Is this really meant as a work/leisure type keyboard? Not really but it can be used as such if you prefer, which in this case I do.

Gamdias Hermes E2 Gaming Keyboard Image 2

Changing colors of the backlit keys is as simple as pushing a couple of buttons together and changing the lights to match your computer setup or style. You can have solid colors or multiple colors which is probably my favorite as it just looks the most awesome especially in a dark or dark lit room.

One really good thing is that the Hermes E2 has interchangable key caps for the ASDW keys. Some people prefer to change these for various reasons so those are definitely available on the Hermes E2 like is the case with most Gamdias keyboards.

Final Thoughts

For a price only $69.99 this is definitely a very affordable mechanical gaming keyboard. Gamdias is all about quality and they don’t miss the mark with the Hermes E2 by any means, just as they have never missed that mark in all of their previous products that they have sent me. In fact, I’ve got their new Hermes P3 RGB Keyboard that I will be reviewing shortly as well as one of their new gaming chairs, the Achilles P1 Gaming Chair in black/red in the large size. I’m sure these two products will meet every expectation that I have of Gamdias and probably well exceed it.

The Hermes E2 is a keyboard that I absolutely love and if you are ok without having the 10-key, then this keyboard is for you. It’s nothing quality and super smooth to type on at a very reasonable price when it comes to gaming keyboards as most keyboards this good should and do cost upwards of $120 – $150.

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