I’ve reviewed so many Gamdias products over the past couple of years or so and thankfully for as good as they are, they keep making new products. For those that don’t know, they make incredible gaming mice and mechanical keyboards such as their Gamdias Hermes P3 Keyboard, Gamdias Zeus P1 RGB Mouse and the Gamdias Hermes E1 Keyboard/Mouse Combo. Today, we’re pulling out the big guns thanks to the awesome folks from the company that I deal with on a regular basis. They’ve hooked me up with their newest product, the Gamdias Achilles P1 Gaming Chair.

Gamdias Achilles P1 Gaming Chair Image 1

Yes, that’s correct. Gamdias sent over one of those awesome, yet huge gaming chairs in black and red for me to review. This thing is a complete beast weighing in at around 65 pounds. But don’t be alarmed as that’s about normal weight for gaming chairs as I’ve mentioned in my previous reviews of the OPSeat Gaming Chair, the VertaGear Gaming Chair and the E-Win Racing Gaming Chair.


  • Back Height(to seat top): 36″
  • Seat Width Between Bolsters: 16.5″(15.4″ pad)
  • Seat Depth To Back: 18.5″
  • Armrest Spacing: 17.3 to 19.3″
  • Armrest Height: 5.6 to 8.4″
  • Seat Height(front): 21.0 to 24.8″
  • Seat Height(rear): 19.0 to 22.8″
  • Backrest Angle: 90° to 150°
  • Seat Angle Adjustment: 11°(9° to 22°)
  • Construction: Steel frame, aluminum base
  • Upholstery: Synthetic Leather(Perforated in Seat)
  • Weight: 62lbs

First Thoughts

Most people would be shocked by the size of the box when one of these things show up on your front door step and you’re trying everything in your power to man handle it into the house. For me, since I’ve reviewed of them in the past I wasn’t shocked at all. I knew what to expect, but nonetheless, it was still tough to get it inside by myself. It’s just bulky and dead weight of course.

Once I opened the box I was greeted with excellent packing. Almost no chance at all that any of the leather on the chair was going to be scratched, torn or ripped, and that’s a good thing as we all know how FedEx treats packages these days.

Gamdias Achilles P1 Gaming Chair Image 2

Assembling The Chair

Inside the box there are all sorts of parts and pieces, screws and bolts and wheels, but let me tell you, from start to finish, this is about a 15 minute job. Gamdias makes it so simple to put everything together and that’s important on something so large and yet so demanding in so many ways.

Instead of a seat pan, the Achilles P1 uses a full tubular metal frame to support a thick seat pad, arms, and backrest. Screws for attaching the tilt and lift mechanism are already screwed in, and must be removed to complete the assembly. Rated by a seat pad width of around 15.4”, curvature of the side bolsters provides approximately 1.1” additional butt room. The seat mechanism includes separate levers for tilt lock and height adjustment. The tilt range is around 11° by rough measurements.

The end of a USB cable protrudes from the bottom of the seat back, so that it can be plugged into a PC or notebook to set a lighting program. LED settings are retained on internal storage, allowing the same settings to function from an alternative power source (such as a portable power bank).

As stated, the entire assembly process of the Gamdias Achilles P1 takes 15 minutes, maybe 20 at the very most if you have a cat in the way like I had the majority of the time. She seemed to think she was helping, but well, I’ll just let her believe that of course.

Gamdias Achilles P1 Gaming Chair Image 3


The seat base is a little shorter in length than previously tested chairs, and the extra-thick lumbar pad pushes users even closer to that forward edge. Height adjustment is a little on the tall side, ranging from around 21” to 24.8” at the upper apex of the seat base. The padded steel side bolsters are about ¾” from our hips, which could be uncomfortable to users who themselves have an, ahem, “wide base”.

For me, the height of the chair was a bit off as I’m shorter, 5′ 6″, so the extra padding in the seat of the chair makes it really difficult for me to sit in the chair normally and have my feet touch the ground. This was of course with the chair in its lowest possible position. I know, just call me super short or something. I’ve spoken to Gamdias about this and they say they are looking at changing this in future versions.

Armrests are something I’ve complained about on nearly every gaming chair I’ve reviewed to date. None of them have padded armrests. The E-Win Racing chair has semi-padded armrests so it comes the closest to what I’ve hoped for in a gaming chair since I started reviewing them. However, that’s now changed as Gamdias goes the extra mile and includes greatly padded armrests on the Achilles P1 Gaming Chair and that alone gets my seal of approval, instantly.

The armrests also slide around in various ways to make them more comfortable for you depending on how you sit in the chair. Most gaming chairs offer this and it’s important as we all sit different ways in our chair.

Gamdias Achilles P1 Gaming Chair Image 4

The recline lever is found at its pivot, just forward of the Achilles P1’s back. It’s notchier than most, feeling as though its teeth have rough edges, but it engages very firmly. Also seen below is the side tab for unlocking arm height adjustment.

Another huge feature I like is the perforated material on the seat pad. This allows the seat pad to breathe and makes it more comfortable than a seat that doesn’t have this. This is something that none of the other gaming chairs I’ve reviewed have and again, Gamdias delivers and gets yet another seal of approval.

The back reclines “150°” aka 60° from vertical. Since it’s attached to a pivot base, an additional 11° of recline is available by pivoting the front of the seat upward. The leg rest slides out, and flipping the pad to its upright position gives the chair around 12.8” of extension. That leg rest is important for someone like me and probably many others, as I like to have my feet propped up on something while I game or else I just feel out of position and out of sync when trying to kill things within Destiny 2.

Control software for the entire Gamdias RGB line (including mice, keyboards, and headsets) can be downloaded from its site. The Achilles P1 L is factory set to RGB Wave mode, and “static” is the only mode where custom color settings worked properly. “Breathing” mode allows one to choose colors, but the breathing pattern still cycles through the basic pallet. Software installation leaves the keyboard shortcut box unchecked by default, which is sad, because the shortcut in “Programs” failed to launch the first time. We had to right click that to find the original shortcut, and open it the first time as administrator. Consecutive program launches were unencumbered.

Comfortability And Final Thoughts

All I can say about the Gamdias Achilles P1 Gaming Chair is that this thing is absolutely comfortable in every way possible. My only complaint is one I mentioned above and that’s the height of the chair. I’d love to have a shorter version of this chair if at all possible. If you’re short like me, take that into consideration before dropping that $459.00 on it. Other than that, I can promise you that you will absolutely love this gaming chair.

The armrests alone make it a winner in my book, along with the footrest and just the overall build and quality. Throw in the fact that it lights up in all sorts of various ways by a simple USB cable and some software, you truly can’t go wrong here.

Of all the gaming chairs I’ve had to date, the Gamdias Achilles P1 beats them all, hands down and one that I’d own several of for the rest of the family. It’s just that good and something that if you can afford, you need to pick one up for yourself as soon as possible.

Gamdias Achilles P1 Gaming Chair(Black/Red)


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Installation







  • Comfortability
  • Ease of Installation
  • Padded Armrests
  • Durably Built
  • Multiple Color Options


  • A Bit Too Tall

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