We all love dongles, right? Probably not, I’m guessing. When Apple introduced the USB-C MacBook Pro, the market for adapters and dongles pretty much exploded. As a result, many people’s Macs looked like digital octopi with all sorts of connections hanging off the sides. Then came the hubs, consolidating many of these adapters and dongles into a singular device. And, if you have a MacBook or MacBook Pro with one or more USB-C ports, you will want to pick up an EZQuest 8-port USB-C Multimedia Hub. And I have good reasons as to why!


  • Part Number: X40030
  • UPC Code: 694307400306
  • Input: USB-C / USB Type-C
  • Output: 1 X HDMI 4K 30Hz
  • 1 X 100 Watts USB-C with Power Delivery 3.0 + 5Gbs data
  • 1 X RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet with LED indicator
  • 1 X SDHC and 1 X Micro SDHC Card Reader
  • 3 X 5Gbs USB 3.0 ports with one BC 1.2 capable
  • Thunderbolt 3 Compatible
  • Unit Length: 26.5 CM/10.5 Inches
  • Dimension: L 52mm X W 105mm X H 13mm
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • One (1) year limited warranty


  • USB PD 3.0 Fast Role Swap helps to prevent data loss and keeps the secondary monitor on if the USB-C power cable is disconnected from the hub while your notebook display is open
  • Latest USB-C Power Delivery version 3.0 with pass-thru charging up to 100 watts and 5Gbs for data
  • HDMI port for 4K HDTV, HDMI-enabled projector or HD display with digital sound
  • High speed Gigabit Ethernet network connection with LED indicator
  • Three 5Gbs USB 3.0 ports with one BC 1.2 capable
  • Simultaneously read and write SDHC or Micro SDHC card reader
  • Compatible with USB-C smart phones and tablets with OTG support
  • Minimizes EM interference with precision engineered anodized aluminum design
  • Thunderbolt 3 compatible

About The Product

The EZQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter connects your Mac’s USB-C port to an HDMI display to extend or mirror the computer’s display screen, while also connecting up to three standard USB 3.0 devices. This hub utilizes the latest Power Delivery version 3.0 with pass-thru charging up to 100 watts (20V/5A) for quickest and safest charging and 5Gbs for data. High speed gigabit Ethernet lets you have the uninterrupted internet or network connection with LED indicator that shows the connection status.

Also it features simultaneous read and write SDHC or Micro SDHC card reader, stream movies in full 4K HDMI, stay connected with your Gigabit Ethernet line directly to the internet or your network for high performance, sustained, and secure devices. EZQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter will allow you to take full advantage of your Macs or any laptops that are equipped with USB-C ports as well as any USB-C smart phones and tablets with OTG support.

Connecting The Device

One quick thing I should also mention, the EZQuest works with both USB-C Macs and PC’s alike. You can also connect it to a Chromebook or a USB-C-capable smartphone. And, there are no drivers or software you need to install. The hub is true plug-and-play.

The hub itself has the main body, which has all of the various ports, and then has a dedicated and attached USB-C cable. So to use it, just plug the EZQuest Hub into your computer.

Another nice thing is, you don’t have to supply power to the hub to make it run, even if you have every port on the EZQuest hub connected to another device. It draws its power from your USB-C device. You can, however, connect your PC’s power supply directly to the EZQuest hub since it has PD (Power Delivery) 3.0 built-in. 100 Watts of power can be transferred via the USB-C cable.

Product Performance

I tested this hub with three different PD 3.0 capable USB-C chargers, all capable of outputting up to around 100W. Using each one I measured 15W less power coming into the computer than the charger was capable of, which means that is how much power this hub uses. This is not a negative as any hub like this is going to require power to do its job, it’s just something to be aware of when making a purchasing decision.

One nice feature of this hub compared to the one I’ve been using at my desk for a few months is that it can be powered by the host computer for portable use. You don’t have to have a charger plugged into the incoming USB-C port for this hub to function. The length of time you can run things this way will vary depending on the computer or tablet you’re using of course, but this is very handy for presentations or temporary use where you still need to be wired to ethernet, a display, or just need to transfer some files off a USB thumb drive or SD card.

When connected to my iPad Pro I was able to use all the EZQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub’s features as expected. Transferring files from a USB drive, photos from an SD card, connecting to an external display, and even ethernet worked perfectly. I was even able to use my Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE mouse with its included receiver as an input device for the iPad. This worked as well as using the same mouse over Bluetooth or the trackpad built into my Logitech keyboard case. The HDMI output worked great for mirroring the iPad’s display on an external monitor just like any other USB-C to HDMI dongle would work. I was also able to use the HDMI output as a separate display for the video editing app LumaFusion, showing the preview window on the external monitor while keeping the timeline and the rest of the user interface on the iPad’s screen. 

As a technology worker, and a gadget reviewer I’m constantly connecting new things to my MacBook Pro, my iPad Pro, and my Samsung Galaxy S20 Android phone. At work, I need an ethernet connection and HDMI outputs. For reviewing gadgets I need an SD card reader, USB-A connections, ethernet, etc., to set up, test, and charge various things. Recent MacBooks don’t have built-in ethernet, HDMI, USB-A, or SD card readers (although some of these ports were just added back to the most recent MacBook Pro models). Even still, there’s a lot of need for a USB-C hub like the EZQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub.

This is a very convenient device to have around for many different scenarios. One of the things I do every week is assist our elementary and junior high schools with streaming a meeting on Wednesday mornings. I run this stream from my MacBook Pro through OBS streaming to YouTube. To do this I need wired ethernet and a USB 3.0 connection for input from an ATEM Mini video switcher. This hub worked perfectly out of the box, replacing the USB hub/ethernet adapter I usually use without any issues. No configuration, no messing around trying to get things to connect, it just worked. With the power pass-through, I even had one less cable to connect to my computer than usual.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in need of more ports on your Mac, iPad, mobile device, PC or whatever, then the EZQuest Hub Adapter is something you should seriously consider. With 8-ports, and costing only $69.99, you simply can’t go wrong with this multiport adapter in my opinion.

The EZQuest Hub Adapter should give you plenty of ports to do all the things you’re needing and wanting to do that you normally couldn’t do without it.

About the author

Cliff Wade

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