The EasyAcc 3-Port USB Desktop Power Strip Smart Charger is a desktop power strip that offers a means of charging your devices in a convenient, efficient, and safe manner. It has 3-in-1 functionality meaning that it can charge AC and USB devices, and that it has a stand for your devices.


  • Rated Input: AC 110-150V, 50/60Hz
  • AC Rated Output: AC110-150V, 50/60Hz, 15A, 1500W
  • USB Output: DC 5V 7.2A(max)
  • Output 1/2/3: DC 5V 2.4A(max)
  • Size: 4.72 × 4.72 × 1.77in
  • Weight: 20.3 oz/575g
  • Cord Length: 5ft


The EasyACC desktop power strip has a square shaped design that has a slight curve on the front side. Its dimensions are as follows: 4.72 x 4.72 x 1.77 inches and weighs 20.3 ounces. The color design of the desktop power strip is of a white and light grey design. On the top of the desktop power strip there is an integrated blue LED that helps indicate to the user when the desktop power strip is on. There is a built-in adjustable stand on the front side of the desktop power strip. On the back of the desktop power strip there are two AC power sockets and a power cord.

Next, there is an on/off switch on the left side of the desktop power strip. Last, there are three USB output ports on the right side of the desktop power strip. Each of these USB ports have been integrated with smart charging technology. This means that they are able to detect the device that is connected to them and determine what the suitable amount of current that they can intake and output that amount as efficiently as they possibly can to the devices. The reason being is that outputting too much current in a given time period to a device can actually detriment the life expectancy of the device’s battery. So, the smart charging USB ports allow your devices to be charged as quickly as they possibly can be without causing damage to them. This is something that I always look for now when reviewing or purchasing these types of items especially with as expensive as mobile devices can be today.

The desktop power strip has integrated safety protection systems that help prevent unwanted events from occurring such as over current, overcharge, and short-circuit. For example, it has safety shut-down technology that shuts off the desktop power strip when it detects that over-voltage is occurring. Also, the AC power sockets have been fitted with waterproof baffle in order to prevent liquids from seeping into the power sockets. This is a very important feature for those of us who have little kids running around or are prone to tipping over drinks or various things like that.


The desktop power strip was able to charge my devices with great efficiency. The three USB ports can output a maximum current of 2.4A each, for a total of 7.2A max. This high current output rating paired with the smart charging technology means less time charging your devices and more time utilizing them since your devices will be charged with the utmost of proficiency. The smart charging technology functioned perfectly since when compared to charging devices via standard USB ports that have designated current output ratings, to charging those same devices via these smart charging USB ports, the difference in charging speed can be easily seen.

Also, you can charge three devices simultaneously which means even greater convenience as you do not have to wait till one device is done charging in order to charge another. The AC power sockets functioned excellently as they powered on and/or charged the devices that were connected to them. The adjustable stand was simple to pull out and retract back in since not much force is needed to do so. This means adjusting the stand to accommodate your devices will be a simple task to perform. The power button was easy to push and performs a sort of clicking sound whenever it is pushed to the opposite power setting in order to indicate that it is turned on/off properly. Last, the blue LED effectively indicates when the desktop power strip is on since it only illuminates and becomes visible when the desktop power strip is on.

Final Thoughts

The EasyAcc 3-Port USB Power Strip is a durable and safe desktop power strip that allows you to plug in and charge/power your devices via AC power sockets and/or USB output ports conveniently and efficiently. You would think something like this would cost you a good $40 – $50 at the very minimum, however, the EasyACC power strip only costs $22.95 currently from Amazon. The high current output rating of 7.2A along with the smart charging technology ensures that your devices will be charged quickly and safely. Being able to charge multiple devices simultaneously means no more prioritizing your devices as to which one will be charged first and not having to wait for one to be charged in order to charge another as this can be quite time consuming and tedious.

The adjustable stand makes watching videos/movies enjoyable as you can position your devices in the way you want them to be in. Plus, the adjustable stand can be adjusted effortlessly as it does not take much force to pull it out and push it back in. Last, a blue LED indicates to the user that the desktop power strip is on and functioning correctly. So, this desktop power strip is a fantastic desktop power strip for those that want one that has great integrated safety measures and systems, has smart charging technology USB ports, and has an adjustable stand for devices.

EasyACC 3-Port USB Power Strip


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use







  • Stand For Your Device
  • Multiple Plugs
  • Solidly Built
  • Smart Charge Technology


  • Cord Could Be Longer

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