I’ve teamed up with Bestek to do some reviews on various items and the first one I did was a couple of weeks ago which was the Bestek power strip that had eight outlets and 4 USB ports. Today what I’m showing you and giving you the full break down of is something small but quite useful and that’s the Bestek magnetic mobile device holder.

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To start with, when you purchase this for $18.99 you’re not just getting this one piece, but you’re getting three. The first is a device holder that you can bolt down to the edge of your desk, and then the second one has a suction cup on the bottom of it which is good for using in a vehicle or even on your computer desk. The third one is the one that I was most interested in and that I will be specifically talking about today, which just sits on your desk and has a rubber pad on the bottom to keep it from sliding around.

This is a pretty simple and easy to use product and not really one that you can go wrong with or have it malfunction in any way. It’s just one of those products that simply works and works well right out of the box.

To get started there is a metal plate that you slide between your phone or tablet and the case that protects that device. Once that is in place, you simply stick your device up to the Bestek Magnetic holder and it holds the device in place. It’s literally that simple and like I said, works out of the box.

You can turn your device any way you want while it’s being held in place and you can do most anything with your device that you would as if it were laying flat on the desk or whatever. This goes for whichever of the three products you choose to use and it doesn’t matter if it’s being used in a vehicle.

This is one of those products that you can place on your desk at home and simply forget all the troubles of having to handle your mobile device. Just stick your phone to it and continue with what you’re doing. If you get a text message or an Instagram notification, you can simply access your device without having to pick it up, push the buttons, set it back down and all of that.

I’ve been using this for almost 2 weeks now and am thinking of picking up a couple more for my fiancee’s desk and one for each of the night stands by the bed. Sadly Bestek used to sell the one I’m using individually for $11.99 but it seems the only way to get it now is to buy it in the set of three, which is only $18.99 and one heck of a great deal seeing how you get three great products for a very cheap price.

Bestek Magnetic Device Holder


Design And Form Factor


Magnetic Strength







  • Strong Magnet
  • Small And Compact


  • None

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