You wouldn’t believe how many power strips I have in my house, when I last counted it was 4 for every room of my house except my kitchen.  I have used various power strips over the years and lately the most valuable ones are not only power strips with AC power outlets but ones that also include USB charging ports so you can combine the best features of a power strip with a USB charger.  The BESTEK 8 Outlet Power Strip with 4 USB Ports was sent to me to do a review and compare against previous power strips I have reviewed and I have to say it is an excellent product for the price of $24.99.

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The BESTEK surge protector strip comes with 8 power outlets and 4 USB charging ports. The 8 power outlets all have three prongs each. Two of the six power outlets are spaced out so it would be easier for you to plug in those huge power adapters. The power strip itself is well made and does not have that flimsy feel. You will feel that it’s not made up of some cheap plastic and it actually has some weight to it. If you want to mount this onto a wall, you can do so because when you look at the back, there will be some mounting cutouts.

The 4 USB charging ports will yield a maximum power of 5.2A. If you look at it individually, 2 of the USB ports have 2.4A each, one port will have 1A and one automatic port will give you anywhere from 0 to 2.4A (depending on what you need). You will find that the white power strip is very well-built as it has a 12-gauge heavy duty 6 foot cord. The BESTEK 8 outlet surge protector will have the capability to handle whatever you throw at it. You are going to find the usual safety features that a surge protected power strip should have. There will be a fuse and you will have the ability to shut everything down with a press of a single switch. It’s also integrated with a circuit breaker in each of the outlets so your equipment is protected from any overload that might happen.

One thing to note right away is that there’s no indication of how many Joules of protection the BESTEK surge protector provides. If you’re really worried about surges because you’re in a particular area then this might be a big concern for you. It’s always best to know how much protection you’re going to get and there are other surge protectors in the market that do indicate the level of Joules protection.

There is also a question mark when it comes to the warranty. BESTEK shows on their site that it covers $5 million dollars worth of damages, but I’ve never seen such a high dollar amount on a surge protector so I’ve got a feeling that this very well could be a typo in some way.

Unlike with most products, surge protectors are a bit difficult to do a quality review at times until you experience a real world surge within your house. You can give all sorts of information about the product but until you have that surge of electricity through your house you really have no idea how well the surge protector is actually going to protect those precious devices of yours.

Overall the BESTEK 8 port surge protector seems to be decent and I really like the fact that it has 8 ports, two of which are spaced further apart for those big bulky plugs to plug into and the four USB ports as well. For the small price of $24.99 you can’t really beat this thing especially since you can throw it on the floor behind a desk or TV stand, or you can mount it on the wall to hide things even more so.

BESTEK 8 Outlet Power Strip With 4 USB Ports


Design And Form Factor


Amount Of Outlets


Amount Of Joules


Warranty Information



  • Eight Ports
  • USB Ports
  • Wall Mountable


  • Joules Amount Not Specified
  • Warranty Information Not Clear

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