Even though I despise cable clutter, I have resigned myself to understanding that cables are a necessity when it comes to a proper work station set-up. With that in mind, you may as well get the best cables possible. Unfortunately, there are lots of options out there and it can be difficult to figure out which cable is going to be the best for your set-up. Accell, a technology company that focuses on providing the most reliable and easy-to-use products for connectivity to its customers, recently launched a Thunderbolt 3 Cable that shows a lot of promise.


  • Up to 40Gbps data transfer speed, 4 times faster than USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps)
  • Supports single 5K or dual 4K UHD @ 60Hz video
  • Supports up to 5A/100W charging (5V-20V, 100W max)
  • Compatible with USB-C and previous USB generations such as USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB 3.1 Gen 1/2
  • E-marker ensures compatibility
  • Length: 2.6 ft / 0.8 m

Product Details

The Accell Thunderbolt 3 Cable is an Intel Certified cable that is capable of 40Gbps data transfer bandwidth. It provides 100W bi-directional charging power to connected devices and is compatible with USB 3.1 Gen 1 and 2. The cable can provide a signal connection to one single 5K or dual 4K UHD video at 60Hz. This cable is 2.6 feet in length (0.8 meters) and comes in black.

The cable is nice and thick, but it’s also flexible. I was able to wrap it around the base of a monitor with no problem. This is something that’s quite important for those that are into cable management and wanting to hide as much of their cable as possible.

The first test I ran with it was simply a connection test. I wanted to see if it was going to properly transfer data between my laptop and a dock I had laying around, which has two monitors, a keyboard, and a mouse attached to it. Everything worked as it should and connection speed was very fast. My laptop was also able to get charged since the Thunderbolt 3 cable was transferring power, too.

The next test I did was a Blackmagic Disk Speed Test so that I could test the data transfer speed of the cable. I pulled out an external hard drive that connects via Thunderbolt 3 and connected it to my MacBook Pro using the Accell cable. I felt that I would be able to successfully test the data transfer speed in this manner because I had already tested the hard drive speed using other software and cables.

In addition to that comparison, I could also compare the test results against the specs of the cable. In the previous test I completed, the hard drive only registered a speed of 1102.4 MB/s Write and 2324.0 MB/s Read. With the Accell cable, the hard drive was able to surpass those speeds and ended up with a test result of 2075.2 MB/s Write and 2421.5 MB/s Read.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately this is a relatively short review compared to most things I review as it is after all a cable. The important factor of a review of a cable is to let you know if the speeds it performs at are satisfactory compared to other cables of the same type or if it’s better or worse.

The Accell Thunderbolt 3 cable is in my opinion considerably better than a couple of other cables that I have tested that I had previously purchased for this same type of work.

The current price of the Accell Thunderbolt 3 cable is $41.99 if you purchase directly from Accell. This cable is a bit more expensive than others that do the same thing, but I feel that the Accell cable at least slightly out performs the others, or at least the couple that I have used personally.

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