Over the years I’ve reviewed and written about a lot of Accell products, but this one really stands out than all of the others. Though when you first hear about it, a three AC outlet and four USB port surge protector doesn’t seem much different. Once you see how it’s designed, that’s what makes it so different from everything else.

Most surge protectors are long or square shaped in some way. The Accell Power Cutie is neither. It’s actually in the shape of a sphere and is very compact compared to any other surge protector I’ve used over the last 20+ years.

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It blows my mind that it’s this compact yet they have placed an AC outlet on two sides and the rear of the device and two USB ports on the top and the front. The Accell Power Cutie comes in red(the color I was sent), white and a baby blue color. All colors have a 6ft long white heavy duty power cable. It would have been really neat to see the Power Cutie’s power cable match the color of the device itself, but certainly not necessary to make it as awesome as it is.

I’m honestly surprised that a huge and important feature was left off of their product webpage, but was present on the unit itself.  For $35.99, the Power Cutie comes with Tamper Resistant Receptacles (TRRs)!  For those who don’t know, TRRs have these tiny little plastic plates that cover the live/hot AC prongs on the outlet.  They only pull back and out of the way with a decent amount of even pressure from an actual plug. 

This means that kids sticking something metallic like a paper clip into one of the outlets won’t get electrocuted or injured.  This is a MASSIVE feature and makes me feel much better about leaving one in a room with a young child.  There are not many surge protectors out there in the affordable segment that come with this feature, so it’s worth calling out.

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The Accell Power Cutie features something they call X3 MOV.  MOV stands for Metal Oxide Varistor.  This allows the surge protector to detect an incoming surge and quickly divert the power through the electrical grounding system (the third/round prong going into your wall).  Taking things even further, the MOV’s are covered in fireproof material which means no sparks/flames shooting out of your surge protector when something big hits it. 

The power cord itself is 14AWG which is amazing for something so tiny.  A heavy duty power cord means it will not heat up under situations with high current devices such as a vacuum cleaner.  The fact that there is so much to be said about the safety features of this surge protector should show how much Accell has invested into creating a safe and high quality product.

As with most any other surge protector, there’s not a lot when it comes to features and the Accell Power Cutie is no different. What it does offer is the four USB power ports that provide a total of 24 watts of power, which allows you to charge multiple devices, and to do so very quickly. They are not rated with QuickCharge, so don’t expect charge your devices in a very short period of time.

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To get around that however, you can plug a QuickCharge device into one of the outlets/ports on the Power Cutie and it will work as intended. It would have been nice to have at least one port on the Power Cutie to be rated QuickCharge, but then it’s likely this product wouldn’t have been so compact like it is.

The 6ft heavy duty white power cable is a bit bulky and can really pull the device around a bit in certain situations. There are also no rubber feet on any side of the device so the device might slide a bit depending on how you are using it. There are two holes in the sixth side of the product that allows you to mount the Power Cutie to the wall which is super useful and handy.

For a cheap price of only $35.99, the Accell Power Cutie might not be the cheapest surge protector out there, but it’s the most compact and has a neat little design to it. Accell makes nothing but great products from what I have reviewed and seen over the years.

When you consider the value of the products that might get plugged into this, it’s important to use products from a company that is trusted and well known. Accell certainly falls under that category for me.

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