There are lots of Bluetooth LED bulbs that change colors. There are lots of bulbs with Bluetooth speakers. However, not many combine both of those features in one product. The 1byone Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb is one such premium product that combines both of those compelling features and does so at a competitive price point (just $30.99 right now on Amazon, or you can also get it direct from the 1byone website).

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Lightbulb Specs

  • Product Power: LED 6W, AMP 3W
  • Working Voltage: AC 100V-240V
  • Working Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Light-Flix: 300LM
  • LED Light Angle: 120 degree
  • Bulb Specification: E27
  • Bluetooth Version: 4.0+EDR
  • Color: White
  • Bluetooth Distance: 10M
  • Frequency Band: 2.4GHZ
  • Working Temp: -10-50°

About The Bulb

It’s an attractive bulb with a sleek, modern design measuring 3.15 inches (8 centimeters) by 5.51 inches (14 centimeters) that should fit in most standard light sockets. The top portion features an LED bulb that can convert its seven main colors into over 16 million, including warm and cool white. The middle portion is the speaker.

You can wirelessly connect most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, and computers directly to route all audio to the bulb. Google Android 2.3.3 and later, and Apple iOS 7.0 and later devices can use a free app to control LED color functionality.

What’s funny is that 1ByOne doesn’t tell you the app’s name in the manual or on the box. Fortunately, there was a QR code on the box, so I scanned that. Once scanned, the mystery app’s name was revealed to be CHSmartBulb. What’s even more odd is that the app doesn’t seem to be in the Google Play Store. It’s a direct download which might be something that a lot of people will think of as kind of sketchy and possibly not even download.

On iOS, the app provided direct access to our iTunes library. The advantage the app has over just playing music from any app (in my case my preferred music app is Spotify) is that the colors will change automatically. There’s also manual or auto color changing options, the ability to turn the bulb on or off, as well as various timing functions. The app is no frills, but gets the job done.

Once connected, you can manipulate the device in a number of ways. You can power the bulb on and off using a button that looks like a light switch. But it’s on the “lamp” page that the fun begins. You’ve got a rainbow of seven buttons that allow you to change smart bulb’s output to seven basic colors, as well as a color wheel, which, at least theoretically, allows you to create 16 million color variations.

The Android app has two slider bars, one of which controls color contrast, and another which controls brightness. In the iOS app, there’s only one slider, and any changes to this control seem to immediately make the bulb revert to white only. Generally speaking, the iOS app felt a bit clunkier in general than its Android counterpart, and could use some updating. But the smart bulb responds almost instantly to changes made by the app.

One more control lets you toggle between manual mode(where you can set the color yourself as described above) and automatic mode, in which the light display responds to the music. The “settings” page allows changing the device’s Bluetooth name, and lets you set the light to work on a timer(in case you want to either wake up or fall asleep, I presume, to music and colored lights).

The music player is simple and serviceable on the Android app, and found music files stored locally on my phone. There’s not much to it except a list the music library it discovered, and a very basic set of controls: start, stop, pause, back, forward, and a time line. Some tone controls or ability to EQ would be nice, though it’s actually not necessary. Although it’s not discussed in the documentation at all, the smart bulb connects as a Bluetooth speaker, so it will carry audio from any app, complete with the automatic light show.

Final Thoughts

Smart bulb’s still have a ways to go in my opinion, but 1ByOne does a really good job on theirs. It’s definitely a very well built bulb that doesn’t feel fragile like most normal bulbs. It has millions of possibilities of colors available with all sorts of different options. Throw in the fact that the 1ByOne LED Smart Bulb has a built-in Bluetooth speaker for playing music then the price of $30.99 isn’t so bad. While not the top of the line speaker of course, it gets the job done and actually sounds decent.

You can pick one of these Smart LED bulbs from 1ByOne by clicking the link below. Once you do and you get it and check it out, let us know in the comments below what you think and how you’re enjoying it.

1ByOne Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use


App Quality







  • App Is Easy To Use
  • Millions Of Color Options
  • Built-In Bluetooth Speaker


  • Not Nearly Bright Enough For Me Personally(LED 6W)

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