Mechanical keyboards are all the rage, for gamers and professionals alike. I’d not been in the loop on this mechanical keyboard business, even though I’m a gamer of sorts. I got my hands on a Nixeus Moda, a relatively new company in the computer peripherals market, to see if this was a keyboard I would want to have at my disposal. Let’s talk about the keyboard itself; yes there are specs on a keyboard.

Nixeus Moda Technical Specs

The Nixeus Moda uses Kailh brown switches for its key feedback. These switches have a shorter throw than a blue switch, but aren’t 100% linear like a red switch. They are a bit “squishier” than the red, but provide the same positive “click.” These key switches are all rated for 50 million keypresses, which should last anyone a good long time. It comes built in a steel reinforced chassis, and is Plug & Play compatible with a USB connection. It claims 6 key roll-over, which essentially means it can correctly deduce in what order you depressed the last 6 keys in.

Nixeus Moda 2

A feature lost on older keyboards was media keys, of which five are included on the Nixeus Moda. Volume -/+, mute, web homepage, and email buttons are all pre-programmed. The keyboard includes blue painted keys, 4 pre-installed on the arrow keys, and 4 for the W, A, S, D keys are included in the box.


  • Key Actuation Distance: 2.0 +/- 0.4 mm
  • 1000Hz Poll Rate ~ 1ms Response Time
  • 6 Key Roll-over and Anti-Ghosting
  • Keyboard Size: 15.75″ (width) x 8.07″ (height) x 1.97″ (depth)
  • Keyboard Weight: 2 lbs
  • Connection Type: USB


  • Keycap Remover
  • 8 Additional Blue Key Caps
  • 3 Year Limted Warranty
  • Warranty Card
  • Quick Start Guide

Nixeus Moda Thoughts

Nixeus Moda 1

My wife was the first to use the keyboard as she has an older mechanical style keyboard by Microsoft. I decided she should be the one to test it out first, so I’ll let her offer her thoughts here.

I felt like Nixeus was trying to make a keyboard that people would buy for gaming, or otherwise, but cut corners in the process. The overall keyboard height was too high, and the space bar didn’t quite hit a normal spot on my hand; it was uncomfortable for long sessions. Its like they disregarded all ergonomic recommendations when creating it. In addition, the lack of a number pad was too inconvenient for gaming, and there, was the end of my experience.Carissa Trocchio

Nixeus Moda 4

Although rather scathing, I do find that there are some truths to her words. The Kailh brown switches aren’t Cherry MX brown switches, which was the original company to provide switches for the newer style Logitech and Razer keyboards. These companies have now changed to this Kailh switch (undoubtedly to save money; Cherry is manufactured in Germany, and Kailh in China), and have received some rough reviews across the web. The keys are loud, as expected for a mechanical keyboard, and they are oddly squishy; a feature of the brown switches.

Lets talk about some things I do like on the keyboard. The font used on the keys is excellent. Definitely reminiscent of “futuristic” text, which is always fun. The key texture is good, and the removable colored (blue) keys are a nice touch. Not something I use personally, but they add character surely. The media keys can be handy on the top right of the board, especially while in game. Muting the blasting engine, or gun for a phone call is sometimes necessary.

Nixeus Moda 3

However, I can not get over the fact they skipped out on a number pad for this keyboard. In some games I play, the keyboard can’t be used, as the number keys are a default setting. Not to mention, I thought it would be “OK” to not have a keypad, but whenever I have to type in a number, I almost rage quit. It’s quite disheartening.

Final Thoughts

If you use this keyboard for FPS and typing for a LAN party, it will certainly work OK. If you want to use it as a replacement for a full desktop keyboard, which is all I can base my review on, it won’t meet your standards. While the switches seem quite fine to me, and I like the clickity-clack sound, there seems to be some disparity on whether the Kailh switches are of the same quality among the mechanical keyboard elite. For around $30 more than this MSRP you can get a quality brand name full sized keyboard with Cherry switches, and that seems like the way I’m going to go.

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  • I think the lack of a numeric keypad is more of a personal preference – such keyboards are typically marketed as “tenkeyless”, and retail for a considerable premium. I searched long and hard for an affordable mechanical tenkeyless model, as I don’t personally use the numeric keypad, and I’d like to save space on my desk and have my hand on the mouse nearer to my hand on the keyboard for ergonomic reasons. The Nixeus Moda is one of the only such models on the market, and with a few days of ownership, I must say I’m very happy with it.