Over the years I’ve got used to carrying lots of kit around – laptops, phones, cameras and more alongside chargers, battery packs, USB sticks and so on and so on, finding the perfect mobile tech bag to keep everything together in a decent manner has however often proved difficult.

Some bags offer the space for everything required but feel slightly thrown together internally without seperate pockets and spacing for each item while others handle that well but lack the comfort factor. One bag that seems to hit everything perfectly comes from TechDissected fave Moshi and it’s called the Urbana Briefcase.

Don’t let the second part of the title put you off however, this isn’t simply a bag for the businessman on the train shouting loudly into his phone while you stare longingly into your Krispy Kreme box just begging for silence.

First Impressions

Moshi Urbana Briefcase - mobile tech bag

On first opening the box you’re under no illusions, this is definitely a premium piece and feels like it from top to bottom. From the feel of the material used through to the quality of the stitching and even the zips (they sit flat against the bag perfectly, no flapping around here!). Open the badboy up and the bag is seperated into sections, all padded well.

You can get a 15″ laptop in on one side and there’s plenty of space on the other for chargers, additional cables etc – there are even three pockets in place to ensure adequate seperation, I personally put a battery pack in there alongside a whole host of lightning and USB cables and a spare phone. In between the two sides are padded sections that perfectly fit a full size iPad (other tablets are available) and a section which holds an average sized phone well.

One the outside we’ve got a full size pocket on one side (for documents and that kinda jazz) and a smaller one on the opposite side (I personally use this for USB sticks as I always seem to need one of the little blighters at some point in the week no matter how in love with the cloud I am).

There are handles but you’ll probably want to get the shoulder strap on quick smart, it’s super comfy and uses a snazzy ViscoStrap which effectively means it has a nifty pad on there that just doesn’t slip around (a problem with many shoulder straps) and also has a nice wee elasticated section that takes a fair amount of the weight.

Moshi Urbana Briefcase - mobile tech bag

What’s It Like To Actually Use?

While I could go on and on about the wee extras with this bag, at the end of the day it’s just a really really really good bag for carrying everyday tech stuff around – I’ve tried many a bag over the years and can honestly say the Urbana is without doubt the most comfortable I’ve ever used.

There are plenty of pockets and sections for everything you might need really for everyday use and one thing that’s VERY VERY important for me is the weather proof factor. Living in Glasgow you soon find out exactly how waterproof your bags are. I’ve been caught in the rain several times while out and about with this and I’ve never once had to worry about the contents. Moshi states the Urbana is rain and snow proof and I’ll no doubt find out.

Moshi Urbana Briefcase - mobile tech bag

This is a fantastic piece of kit and certainly looks the part also – it’s definitely a touch of class. Don’t get me wrong – if you’re carrying around a DSLR or something then you’re going to be looking for something bigger but for general use I really can’t find anything to fault this bag at all – even keeping the usual myriad of charging cables organised was a breeze.

Product Page: Moshi Urbana Briefcase
Twitter: Moshi Products

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