Are you shopping for back to school? Are you a young professional looking for a bag that not only looks good but makes your life easier? Moshi thinks they have the answer with the Venturo. A bag designed not only to fit a 15″ computer but an iPad, both it’s chargers and everything else you could possibly need.

That’s all well and good but there are a ton of bags on the market that you can just throw your stuff in to. What makes the Moshi Venturo different? Can this bag justify the $119.95 price tag? And how will this bag make your life easier? Read on for all the answers

The Moshi Venturo

Moshi Venturo

The Moshi Venturo can best be described as a slim laptop bag. That’s a nice general term for a bag that fits a laptop, which almost everything does. The Venturo is more of an organizational case. With dedicated departments for a 15″ laptop (smaller laptops do just fine too) and an iPad in the main pocket, you notice absolutely no bulking up with those two things inside the bag. That’s seriously impressive.

In addition to those two pockets in the main department, you’ll also find a zipper bag for pens and styli which is velcroed to a bigger pocket for things like chargers for your computer, phone or tablet. Under those two pockets are two more general rectangular pockets that you can throw cables, nuts and bolts, rings or anything else you can think of in there. There’s also enough room in the main pocket to throw in any kind of textbook, notebook or similar sized item without adding size to the bag.

Moshi Venturo

Moving to the front of the bag we find two more pockets. The first of which is a long horizontal zipper about three-quarters of the way up the bag. This is a great compartment for things like thin books, composition notebooks and smaller tablets. The other zipper is diagonal and sits under the previously mentioned compartment. It’s almost exact the size of my hand in length and width. What I find I use this for most is my phone. I can swing the bag around to my front side and immediately grab my phone if it’s going off or I want to change the song I’m listening to.

On the left side and top of the Venturo are handles to hold this like a briefcase. Definitely a nice addition. The right side unzips to reveal a mesh area to hold a water bottle or soda can. It’s not a huge space so you won’t fit oversized drinks in here but it’s pretty standard so a normal water bottle or coffee cup (with a lid!) should fit just fine. My mug is similar to this but with a handle and it fits perfectly. I also love that when you’re not using it you can zip it away to maintain a tight look.

Moshi Venturo

On the back you’ll find one last zipper that is also excellent for storing you phone securely. I like that no matter what, this pocket is always secured to your body so no-one is going to get in there without you knowing it. Under the compartment is a padded back with a mesh-like texture. I feel pretty comfortable keeping all of my stuff in this bag because of added protection like this. It doesn’t stick out much but you know your stuff is safe. You can also find this padding on the shoulder strap so your shoulder doesn’t get fatigued.

All of the little touches on this bag are awesome. All of the zippers and tags are metal. No plastic cheap stuff here. The bag is super lightweight so it doesn’t wear on you but it’s also water-resistant. I wouldn’t suggest going swimming with this attached but if you get splashed by a bus or caught in a quick rainstorm, you should be safe. Another feature to love is a the quick release on the shoulder strap making it extremely convenient to swing your bag to the front and get to whatever you need.


Moshi Venturo

Does the Moshi Venturo make your life easier? Yeah, I think it does. There’s a compartment for everything. The fact that you can securely keep thousands of dollars of electronics secure and have quick access to them at all times is fantastic. I wouldn’t have minded seeing some passthroughs for power cables or headphones but that would have hurt the water resistance to you have to pick your battles.

If you’re looking for a bag that makes your life more secure and organized, I think you have to look at the Moshi Venturo first.

Product Page: Moshi Venturo Slim Laptop Bag

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