I’ve been toying with the idea of moving my desktop into the living room and hooking it up to our television. I mainly use my Macbook Pro hooked up to a 27″ Samsung monitor as my daily computer to write so my desktop sits in a room I almost never enter doing nothing. One of the biggest projects I want to work on if I go with this set up is making things as easy as possible so I’ve been looking for bluetooth keyboards with integrated trackpads so I don’t have to worry about using a mouse too.

I might have just found my keyboard.

1byone bluetooth keyboard

1byone sent over their take on a bluetooth keyboard with a trackpad. We’re recently reviewed a separate model with a couple of differences but instead of comparing them we’re going to focus mainly on this model. When you take a first look at our keyboard you’ll notice a full keypad with a nice sized trackpad sitting to the right with two buttons.

Upon further inspection you’ll notice the ability to select which kind of device you’re on. There are different functions to the function keys based on whether you’re on Windows, OSX, Android or iOS. The function have a range of function of things like going home, search, select all, cut, copy, paste and controlling your music tracks on Android. The only difference in widnows use is that the button that takes you home will open your web browser. There are easy “For Android” and “For Win” buttons on the top of the keyboard to differentiate what you’re using it for.

The trackpad is 76 x 47 mm so enough space to function correctly but not so big to make the keyboard huge. There are two dedicated right and left click buttons under it and support for gestures on Windows. You’ll be able to pull off single finger slides, single and two finger tap and double tap, two finger slides, and edge gestures from the right, top and left. On Android the trackpad is much more basic with just cursor and click functions available.

It’s a sharp looking device. Matte black surrounds everything from the keys down with a nice reflective strip across the top. On the back there’s a black bar that houses your two triple A batteries and provides some height to the keyboard. Underneath is stainless steel that is a ridiculous fingerprint magnet. During use, it’s not an issue but since this is made to be mobile, you’re going to be grabbing the keyboard on the back a lot to pick it up and it looks messy with all that finger grease. This is my least favorite thing about the keyboard.

1byone bluetooth keyboard

This bluetooth keyboard is made pretty solidly out of plastic and stainless steel but there is some give when you flex it. That’s a good thing because you don’t want it so rigid that it’s going to break in your bag between classes. I like how much feedback there is during typing. Typing is a pretty pleasing experience with plenty of travel. It’s really easy to find the torrent I want and start a download since the keyboard is easy to type on and the trackpad is very functionable.

I’ll be using this in my living room until something more interesting comes along. It fits well on my lap for quick typing and navigation and it’s cheap enough that if I spill a drink on it I can easily replace it.

Product Page: Bluetooth Keyboard by 1byone

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