I’ve spoken before about the number of power strips and surge protectors I use in my computer/gaming room in my previous review of the BESTEK Eight Outlet Power Strip and as of today that number certainly hasn’t decreased at all. The only difference today is that I’ve switched one of those longer strips out for the new BESTEK Eight Outlet Cube Style Power Strip. The previous power strip I reviewed from BESTEK was an actual strip with 4 USB ports, this is a cube style power box and has a total of 6 USB ports plus power buttons to turn on/off each row of outlets.

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  • Input Voltage: 100-125V
  • AC Rated Power: 1875W(125V 15A)
  • Surge Protection: 1500J
  • USB Output: 40W 8A(Total), 5V/2.4A Max(each port)
  • Size/Weight: 4.8 x 4.8 x 5.7 in / 2.14 lb
  • Cord Length: 6 Feet (14AWG)


  • 8-Outlet Surge Protector(1500J) USB Power Strip with 6-foot heavy-duty power cable(14AWG), protecting your router, laptops, printers, modems, speakers and other valuable appliances against surges and spikes
  • 6 Smart USB Charging Ports with intelligent recognition function, detecting your device to deliver its safest maximum charge speed up to 2.4A per port,40W/8A total
  • Desktop Tower Design, BESTEK USB Surge Protector is ideal for charging multiple devices at home/office/school, SPACE SAVING!(only 5.7 inches tall)
  • Two independent switches and unique photosensitive USB LED indicator make this surge protector convenient to use
  • Safety Guarantee: Built-in surge protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, over temperature protection, over current protection. Built-in SAFETY DOOR to protect kids from unexpected electric shock

There are eight(8) AC outlets in all with the power strip and the overall output in terms of wattage is 1875W. It’s the same as most other surge protectors out there on the market so you won’t have any problems if you want to power your blender or fridge or any other electronic products. The power output in other terms is 15A | 100 – 125V – 60Hz.

There are six(6) USB Ports on the power strip and each of them has a charging speed of  5V/2.4A and that’s really good. As most USB chargeable devices are going to be able to charge at their max speeds. However, none of the USB ports feature Quick Charge but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. That said, a 2.4A output can charge tablets such as iPads at their max charging speeds. What’s even better when it comes to the USB port portion of the power strip is that the max output is 8A. As a result of the max output being 8A, each of the 6 USB ports can output about 5V/1.2A charging speed when the max output is being reached.

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Having six USB ports is very handy as this is something I’m personally finding I need more of, just as I do the actual AC outlets that most of us purchase the power strip for in the first place. The reason these USB ports are important to me is because I have several mobile devices laying around my computer desk that I’m using for testing Nova Launcher issues and such and I need these devices to be charged on a regular basis.

The form factor of this BESTEK power strip or cube is one of its best parts because of how easy it is to access all of its ports. It also looks really cool too, and with its tower-like form factor, the power strip can be placed on any surface for easier access. It has a length and width of 4.8 inches because it’s basically a square. Then the height of the power strip is 5.7 inches, so it’s quite short and won’t be getting in the way at all. The weight of the power strip is 2.1 pounds. It’s lightweight and small enough so that if you really did want to travel with it, you could easily do so.

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There are two(2) AC Outlets on each side of the cube which makes life simple and gives you plenty of space for those really awkward plugs that need to be plugged in such as routers, modems and similar tech items. In order to actually use the AC Outlets, you have to use the power button that is on the corner of the power strip. Pressing the top power button activates the AC outlets on the top row, and pressing the bottom button activates the bottom AC outlets on the bottom row. Once you activate a portion of the AC outlets, there’s a green LED light that turns on below the button. You can turn on both portions of the AC outlets, so don’t worry about being limited. Also, the use of this button basically erases the need to unplug the power strip.

There are three(3) USB ports on opposite corners of the Power Strip and when you connect a device to a USB port its green activation light turns on at the top. There is no power button for the USB ports. Above both columns of the USB ports, there’s a Photosensitive Sensor and that’s able to control the USB light brightness for each of the ports. Which means that if you’re in a well-lit room then the USB lights for each port will be brighter. Then if you have device charging with the USB ports in a dark room, each of the lights will be dim so you’re not disturbed while you’re sleeping and charging your devices.

This BESTEK eight AC outlet and six USB port power cube will set you back $39.99. That’s not cheap, but it’s far from expensive when it comes to power strips and surge protectors especially considering that you get eight AC outlets and six USB ports to plug in and charge various things along the way. Plus throw in the amount of protection you get and you’re pretty much set.

BESTEK 8-Outlet Cube Style Surge Protector


Design And Form Factor


Ease Of Use


Number Of Outlets





  • Eight Outlets
  • Cube Style To Save Space
  • Six USB Ports
  • Power Buttons For Each Row Of Outlets


  • None At This Time

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