If you have made a smartphone purchase recently, you probably have had to use a new SIM card. SIM cards seem to change just as much as smartphones do. Some of you may have used a device that required a Micro SIM, but purchased a new device that uses a Nano SIM. If you purchase the device directly at a carrier’s store, the salesman will simply transfer your line to the new one – but what if you want or need to go back to your old phone? Or what if you are someone that needs or wants to swap phones from time to time? If you fall into any of these scenarios, you should pick yourself up a SIM card adapter kit called “Simdevil” By MediaDevil.

SIM Card Adapter Kit Package

Out in the wild, it’s not always easy to find a SIM card adapter when you need one. I remember going to about 4 stores locally (Including stores like Best Buy) and they did not have them either. Also, wireless carriers don’t seem to carry them, which I found strange. I will say to anyone looking to buy a SIM card adapter, that they should buy them online. That is exactly what I did, and I came across these little bad boys.

The Simdevil SIM card adapter kit comes with any possible adapter you may need. There is a Nano > Micro, Micro >Standard, and Nano > Standard. This works well for me personally as there is honestly no telling what device I could be using. The black and white packaging is clean and easy to open and for some god awful reason they included two candies inside. They seem to be Laffy Taffy knock-offs but either way I threw them right in the garbage. HAHAHA Name the last time you bought something off Amazon that included candy? My Mother always told me to not take candy from strangers, so I got rid of those REAL quick.

For tiny pieces of plastic, these adapters do not seem like a cheap product. They are labeled with “MediaDevil” written on them and are cut perfectly. My Nano SIM fit snug and secure in the Micro adapter like a puzzle piece. Probably my favorite “Feature” of these adapters is that they serve as a tray. In the past, my SIM adapter had a hole cut out for the SIM card, but nothing to keep it from falling out. These adapters have a thin layer of clear plastic on the bottom that ensure your SIM is going nowhere fast. Even with the tray, it is still easy to pull your SIM out of the adapter, which is nice.

SIM Card Adapter Kit Layout

While a SIM adapter is not some giant innovation, I love them, due to the fact I took some time to make one myself and it was a nightmare. I used various pieces of plastic from old SIM cards to construct what I feel is the poorest adapter ever made. It didn’t even have sides, and I cut the plastic with regular scissors. It was something that only Picasso could be proud of. I will say this though, I some how was able to get it to work. When I put the adapter and the SIM card in the tray, there were spaces…yes…spaces – between the adapter and the SIM itself. While it was funny and it worked, I really wanted something like what MediaDevil has put out.

You can find the Simdevil SIM Card Adapter Kit on Amazon for $6.97 USD. This is a solid price as you won’t ever have to look for an adapter again, and you can swap your SIM card in and out of any smartphone (or flip-phone) you would like. You can also purchase the kit directly from their website, I will have links to both below. More and more smartphone users are buying unlocked phones like Nexus devices, so If you are a smartphone junkie and are not dedicated to just one device, these are great tools available to you. So get your buy on!

Website: MediaDevil’s SIM Card Adapter Kit
Buy On Amazon: MediaDevil’s SIM Card Adapter Kit

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